Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reality TV is the new Reality

By now, yall should know my fascination with The Biggest Loser. I may blog about it more than I do any thing else. (In a later post, perhaps I'll poll you readers in a perception vs. reality competition.) Nevertheless, this is another post about the BL. But it's slightly different.

Instead of laying in my bed, eating Hot Tamales and watching the Biggest Loser, I finally got up and out of bed and joined a real-life Biggest Loser competition. Eleven of us have been competing for 12 weeks now (since the first of the year). I broke my leg in the middle of the competition--remember that drama?!?--and thought I was out for sure; with the not being able to work out thing. Like Tim Gunn taught me however, I learned to "Make it work!"

Today was our final weigh-in. For having only frequented the gym the first 2 weeks of the competition, spending a week abroad, and 2 weeks in Portland with good family-cooking, I did pretty great. Good enough to win. I lost double the double-digit, and a few singles. Based on percentage lost, I managed to *sneak* by the competition (way to go B!) with a 0.325% greater loss. Talk about a close one! The rules stated that the if the difference in the top two competitors was closer than 0.5%, the winner's money pool would be split. (Did I fail to mention there was a buy-in?)

Here's what I bought with my winnings:

I hope the irony is not lost.

The intention here was not to toot my own horn, but rather put stock in the fact that watching TV can lead to really positive results. Here's proof! Next.... on to the Bachelor.


Alicia said...

May your KitchenAid bring amazing happiness and companionship. "The red one" and I have been soul mates since we met.

And may your birthdays and gift-receiving occasions bring you all of the attachments.

But stay away from the meat grinder. That's sick.

kendall said...

I am lusting after your machine. And envious of your life. Congratulations! You're bloody amazing!

Nerak said...

Just so you know, you officially hooked me on the Biggest Loser. Thanks. I LOVE IT. And I'm impressed with your weight loss since my Tues night tradition is minieggs + the Biggest Loser, so obviously, weight loss on my end isn't happening. :)

Lainey said...

Awesome! Did you get that black one?

I can't believe you lost that much weight with a cast on. Amazing.

Jan said...

our hero...we all want to be like you!

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