Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ABC, 123

I had a really amazing day. Want to hear about it? 26 ways it was amazing for the 26th day of the month.

A. I drove with my windows down for the first time this year.
B. Joe came into town for a quick-quick 24-hour trip and drove me to work. Didn't have to take the bus. Woot!
C. While buying milk at Shaw's this morning, found a bag of small package Skittles in an Easter bag for half off. Will look forward to eating them on Sunday.
D. Busted through a bunch of work stuff; felt proficient at my job.
E. Got a good lead on a potential with an out-of-this-world benefit. Won't write more; ask me if you're interested.
F. Got picked up from work at 2PM. Quick work-day!
G. Had lunch at Not Your Average Joe's. My boyfriend Terrell was working there. I overheard him tell our waitress he was getting my drink because, "She's a regular, I know what she wants." He then made sure I was brought two diet cherry cokes at a time. Is that the life or what?
H. At precisely the moment I thought it, Joe (who is also not so average) vocally said, "I just feel like everything is right in the world." I literally thought the statement verbatim in my mind--he beat me to the punch.
I. The bread and oil at Joe's was particularly delicious today; my haddock was also phenomenal.
J. We mosied over to the greatest produce market imaginable. I've become rather addicted to the pre-cut and pre-seeded watermelon and the oh-so-tasty fresh pico de gallo. This is my second trip in three days to buy some of each.
K. I spent $3 on a lovely bunch of daffodills for my own room. It was a rather independent feeling to buy flowers for myself. I think I shall make a habit of it.
L. All the Easter leftovers were half off at Target. Mixed in the Easter goods is a three-tiered dessert holder that will be perfect to hold cupcakes. It was the $7 deal of the month. I feel another cupcake-a-thon coming in the future...
M. Since cupcakes are kind of trendy, I found a bunch of really great tools at Target. My shop is practically ready to go.
N. Of course I found the perfect bathing suit top (gotta start early if you want to ensure Target has your size!), a gorgeous dress, and a lovely green dress shirt all on the clearance rack.
O. I must have felt I was in the money considering I sold a set of tickets to the Celts/Suns game for a pretty decent profit margin.
P. Walking to the game, the weather was nice enough to wear only a light zip-up.
Q. I've been looking high and low for a Celtics pin and found one tonight (the item of the game!) at the Pro Shop in the Garden. It's a Celtics jersey, and I love love love it. This was the best $3 deal of the month.
R. Got handicapped seats again tonight at the Garden. Sat next to some true 50-something Bostonians. It was pretty funny to listen to these two buddies chit-chat.
S. Um hello!? The Celtics over the Suns by 20? That's what I'm talkin' bout. The best moment of the game is a toss-up between the crowd chanting "MVP" for KG in the 4th, or when Rondo smoked by Nash for an easy layup. I love that kid.
T. Had our picture taken. Again, PROOF is stamped across our faces, but I may decide to purchase this one.
U. Today is the last day with the Goldenrod hair.
V. The evening was so lovely, and enough time was available before Joe's bus that we walked to the North End. The lights on the main street were festive, the air was warm enough, and due to the late hour there were minimal people. Probably my favorite trip yet to the North End.
W. With the promise of Spring in the air, we continued to walk. And walk. And walk. We walked back to my car at the Prudential Center.
This included a walked through the Common/Public Garden for the first time this year.
X. Joe accidentally left the fruit he was importing into NY at my house, so I'm the happy recipient of some pears and oranges. Gracias Jose.
Y. Getting to bed by midnight, hap-hap-happy with my day!



kendall said...

This makes me unspeakably happy. I don't even know why. I think I miss you.

Hey Son Kim said...

Who's that hot guy? He's so hott!

Whits said...

sounds pretty amazing! My wednesday was amazing too. :D

Lainey said...

I really want to be you sometimes.

Alaina said...

Since your 9/5/11 blog suggested here, I read this again. And I echo my sentiment from 2008. This is a little eerie, it's like the old me and the new me meeting, and the new me has an entirely different life the old me would NEVER have fathomed. I love that feeling.

And I love YOU!

Nat Attack said...

Thanks Lainey! Did you notice what Letter E is above? It's nice to have a record of the day I found the job that I love and will keep with until I die. Blogs ARE a good reminder of the delta between what we were and what we are now. Love you!

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