Friday, March 28, 2008

Flashback Friday XVI

It's been nearly three full months since my last Flashback Friday post. There are a million reasons and there are no reasons. Either way, let me take you back in time to April 2005--nearly three years ago.

My older sister Alaina and I were both set to graduate from BYU; she with her Master's in Social Work, and me with a BA in Communications.

Of course the women in our family turned this into a major Event. It's who we are and what we do. My family loves to have food gatherings, so much preparation went into the lunch and dinner celebrations. My mom crafted fun graduation announcements and we were set.

The family came down from Oregon and were such troopers--attending two commencement ceremonies in one day. Not only my immediate family, but my second family (Randy, Cheri, Erica, Rachel) and grandparents as well! I dozed off during my own, (9am on zero hours of sleep after being up all night!) I can't imagine what the family was thinking. They must love us a lot.

For graduation gifts, my parents had both Alaina and I choose a ring we liked. For various reasons, I immediately knew I wanted a sapphire. We had the grand ring presentation at lunch between the commencement ceremonies. (Please note the awesome Crest fountain drinks. A drive-through drink station three blocks from my house? I kind of miss that place.) I love love love my ring and wear it often. Alaina loved me enough to cover my fingernails with her own hand as not to mar the photo. We can read each other like that.

That's all! You were either there or you weren't; my guess is this post will only be commented by attenders to the grand festivity. Ain't no thang...

But here's a question I'll propose; does anyone look good in a cap and gown? You'd think after how many years of commencement ceremonies, someone would design a more fashionable graduation gown. I was the lucky winner of an XXXL so it'd be long enough. Sounds like Project Runway has its next challenge...


Deming Brat said...

i love this-- you have such a great family!

and it's cool to see the blonde pictures too-- something to look forward to to when you are a full-fledged blonde!

Deming Brat said...

i posted and i didn't attend-- for the record! it must mean i love you more!

kendall said...

Where's the picture of Mom ironing the graduation gown? I think that was a pivotal moment in your formative years.

krista elise said...

now remind me, why did you have zero hours of sleep the night before graduation?

Lainey said...

Hahahahaha I laughed right out loud about covering your fingernails. A W E S O M E.

Maybe we can repeat the celebrations when we're 50 and you get your JD and me my PhD.

Except then the "women" of the family wouldn't be around to plan a shin dig. Nevermind.

Jan said...

Practically every way!

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