Sunday, March 23, 2008

A drink with jam and bread

I'm going to try a little something new today and blog on a Sunday. Typically not my cup of tea, but I'm taking a slow, relaxing approach to this lovely Easter day. PS--Happy Easter!
  • Knowing that I was going to spend the majority of the day alone, I told myself I could eat whatever I wanted for Easter dinner. I've had a somewhat limited diet for awhile now, so this dinner was a grand event! Quick convenience is my cup of tea, so I went totally wild with half a gourmet frozen pizza, and a plastic egg filled with Skittles. Big day, I'll tell you what! The meal lived up to every lofty expectation I held. Ohhhhhhhhh sometimes it's nice not being a foodie.
  • Last week I wanted to learn to make killer cupcakes. Now I'm kind of on the baking train. I may or may not be purchasing a KitchenAid mixer and food processor with some money I may or may not be coming into in the next week.
  • I had to get some work done on my car this weekend. Who knew having wheel bearings (barrings?) fixed and two new tires would cost more than my trip to Ireland? Man it's a good thing I have a job.
  • This weekend I discovered two activities that cause some mild discomfort in my still-healing broken leg. Hip-hop dancing, which is to be expected and candlestick-bowling, which is not so much to be expected. (I did win at the latter, so was the pain worth the gain?)
  • Despite my disdain for eggs, I was convinced to dye one. One. I drew a map of the world with a sharpie and colored it pink.
  • All my blogs are lists these days. Snore bore right? Sigh. I used to be somewhat more creative than this.
  • When I was in New York last month, Melissa and I saw "Rent." It was fantastic. The show closes its 11-year run in June and I'm really glad we got to be a part of musical theater history. Of course my name was the 2nd name called in the ticket lottery. The universe is beginning to pay me back for the complicated Q1 I endured.
  • I bought an Easter dress for today. It was a toss-up between the one I wore and another. Finding steal-of-a-deals on both, I now own a Patriot's Day Sunday dress.
  • You know you aren't living in Mass. when you think I'm talking about the football team instead of the Monday the Boston Marathon is run (and most businesses and all schools are shut down). These Bostonians are patriotic people.
  • Last night, I spent about half an hour in a small space with four other people. Not terribly atypical, but I'm reporting it because for a brief 30-minute period I was flying blind. My contacts have been giving me grief of late, so I sported my glasses yesterday. It was impractical of me to wear them for a bit, and it was the strangest thing to converse normally without being able to see anyone's face. I base so much of my conversation and animation on other people's reaction and facial expressions that I was totally out of my element for a bit. Truly, it was the strangest thing. Slim to none of you are as blind as I am, I promise.
  • Today was a grrrrrrrreat day at church, and a great day all around. Nothing huge or abnormally substantial going on in my life, but a general feeling of well being. These are the days I have to remember when there are days that aren't quite so fantastic.
  • Since it is Sunday, I shall include a scripture I recently discovered and greatly enjoy. "Be strong and of courage: be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." Joshua 1:9

Well friends, the word "whithersoever" isn't in the Blogger dictionary, so I guess that's my cue to wrap things up. If I've wronged you in any way, or you feel slighted by any thing I do or any thing I say, I'm deeply sorry. I can't think of any offense I've committed, but that doesn't mean they're not there or haven't happened. My humblest apologies--I'm trying to be the best person I can be, and it's definitely a learning process. I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!


kendall said...

If you are seriously buying a kitchen aid and/or a food processor, you are SERIOUSLY my idol. My hero. My role model. I want to be you. Or have everything you have. Or be with you. That sounds good. I lava you! Happy Easter!

Ryan + Erica said...

1. Now that I read this, every time I'm standing in the middle of a big post-meal mess I've made in the kitchen, I'll think, "Why must I be a foodie?" with anguish. I need to get me some more frozen pizzas.

2. I also need to get my an easter dress...a little late.

3. Sorry about your car! Car repairs are the worst, but I'm so glad you're feeling a general sense of well being. That's the best.

4. I love you!

ju said...

i ate your map of the world pink easter egg and loved every minute of it.

onlychild09 said...

Eating eggs and coloring eggs are really different. I can't believe you only colored one! Well that's one more than me this year. I want a kitchen aid mixer too but as of today you can cross food processor off my list because we have one! YAY!

Jan said...

I love you, Nettie. Today you ARE the favorite daughter...

Jan said...

...whithersoeither is a lovely word...extremely unconditional...don't you think?

Jan said...


Lainey said...

1. I LOVE your lists
2. I think Erica had something smart goin' on to reply in list format
3. I don't think I'm a foodie, maybe I'm a good mix of both.
4. Nope, not a foodie the more I think about it.
5. Dang cars are black holes of money sucking
6. More posts should end in scriptures.
7. Whithersoeither could be a cool word.

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