Monday, March 16, 2009


In days of yore, I was a 5x a week blogger. Oh the good old days. Now, I have a job that keeps me too busy to be odd on a regular basis.

Many of you know I work in the Internet community--so my ear is to the ground on Web 2.0 3.0 and trends in the industry. In fact, my job encourages staying active in the community.

Without too much of a push, I've taken to micro-blogging; 140 characters--no more. Quicker, more convenient (via text? heck yes!), and less stress. I've blogged about it before, I know, but I've evolved into a full-fledged, multiple times a day Twitterer.

Working in the community (and being "followed" by all my coworkers) provides a little bit of stress about my tweets and what to include/not include. (Do I want the people I work with to know I'm seeing HSM3 in the theater for the 2nd time? That I was in my pajamas until 5PM on Saturday?) I decided however, to keep them professional, but tweet about whatever I want. (The answer was YES to both)

Today I received some validation. Best comment ever this morning from my creative director: "i love your twitters. 'cause they are not always about the damn internet." (No caps within an instant message is acceptable in web land.)

To the right is a visual represenation about my last week's worth of tweets. My favorite stream is definitely the "Skittles" thread. One of these days, I'll grow up and be a real adult.

Fantastically funny people I follow on Twitter that you might also know: @mal_pal, @KLaa27, @replikate, @wlau, @colleenita, @dlicia, @RyanSeacrest. There are plenty of people you know and love. Full-fledged blogging might have stressed you out, but this is low commitment. Join us!


Jody said...

I've thought of joining twitter, but I don't think I know enough people on there to make it worth it. Plus, I don't think there are enough people on there interested in my random 140 character thoughts. At least for now, I just see it becoming another thing that sucks my time away... maybe that will change someday. Afterall, it does appear to be becoming more mainstream. Probably due to people like you tweeting about things besides the internet. :)

Rachel said...

Fun! I would join twitter just to see what you were saying, because you always have funny things to say. And blogging is stressful! Maybe I should tweet too...

maWeesa said...

i miss the days when you were a 5 time a weeker..

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