Thursday, March 12, 2009

The good and bad

The good: I've been following my self created running schedule. I run when I plan to run.
The bad: Does success count if it's only been 10 days?

The good: I haven't had to rely on my personal DVD player yet to entertain me on the treadmill.
The bad
: Somehow I always get to the gym right when halftime is starting so one of my favorite past times (watching basketball) is mostly analysis I can't hear. Bummer.

The good: I get to run on a treadmill for two more weeks.
The bad: Once April hits, I promised myself I'd start running outside. Need to learn to work the wind.

The good: My office is right on the Charles river (my new desk has a river view, woot!) so I have easy access to beautiful runs. This should dull the sting of being forced out of my comfort zone.
The bad: None here. (Other then that comfort zone thing)

The good: My gym stays open until midnight. I've finished runs as late as 11 this week--I like when the gym is empty.
The bad: I don't think you're supposed to exercise after 8pm, it keeps you up at night!

Is it better to give the good or bad news first? Discuss.

The bad: I am a sweater. Like a serious, serious, sweater. Like my whole body glistens and my shirt is patchy.
The good: I get to rock my Celtics sweatband.

The bad: There are so so so so so many gym rats pumping iron every time I'm there. A little intimidating (hence running late at night) and a touch creepy.
The good: The townie gym rats provide me an inner dialogue I think yall would find rather enjoyable. (A future blog to come?)

The bad: IF you eat KFC an hour before you attend the gym, you're destined to see nothing but KFC ads on the TV right in front of your face for the next 70 minutes. It's called karma.
The good: You still rocked that treadmill.

The bad: I'm still a pretty slow (can we call it "steady"? ) runner.
The good: Tonight it just seemed to click. I shaved a minute off each of my miles and felt stronger than I did even two days ago. I remember this happening last time I trained; one day it just seemed to click.

The bad: I didn't start training for the Half marathon until last Tuesday.
The good: I ran six miles tonight and felt GREAT.

I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erica said...

Wo girl! You started training last week and ran six miles straight?? That's amazing! I would comment on pretty much every point you make if I could. I love talking about gyms and running, especially lately. Anyway, keep the running blogs coming--they pump me up!

Cheryl and William said...

Running along the Charles is THE BEST!! So beautiful. Keep up the hard work girl! I too was a super slow runner but I finished the half marathon so if I can do it, you definitely can.

Mary B said...

Go Natalie!
Go Natalie!
You can do it!
Ooo yeah!

Alaina said...

Ooooo, YES. Please, please, please do a townie blog. I'm going to start praying for one. I can hear it already.

PS: I don't think I've EVER run six miles.

Breona said...

Way to go for a half marathon. It feels so good to push yourself in all things! I wish you luck with training! Also. Take it from a runner. Treadmills are harder than outside in many aspects!

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