Thursday, September 11, 2008

Less is more

My blogging has been spotty lately. Why? Because Twitter is the new blog. You've got the length of a text mssg (144 characters) to update what you're doing; to "tweet." Instead of getting overwhelmed with the idea of composing an entire blog, you can text or web-browse your status, whereabouts, or general thoughts in a few short words. (I'll be honest, the text aspect is what sold me--it's so convenient!) I'm having a blast--and generally tweet 3-6 times per day. And because I'm trying to get back in the swing of full blogging (believe it or not, I actually miss it), consider the last week of tweets as my latest brain dump:

Bug on table equals two free meals at the Texas. Almost worth it. about 2 hours ago

Bought the perfect ottoman. Can a living room be a bedroom? about 5 hours ago

alternating between feelings of compentency and anxiety. ohhhhhh the working world. about 8 hours ago

Hatching a plan. about 16 hours ago

i am. a human magnet. keep our electronics away from me. 04:58 PM September 10, 2008

have a hankering to listen to the HSM soundtrack. slightly embarrassed to be 25 and doing so... 11:24 AM September 10, 2008

back to the night worrying. asleep before 2? a thing of the past. 12:44 AM September 10, 2008

Dinner with a friend I don't usually get to go out with--the panacea for the day. 07:19 PM September 09, 2008

technology nightmare. 12:41 PM September 09, 2008

making progress on the unpacking. doing everything to avoid my room. it WILL however be tackled tomorrow. sigh .09:13 PM September 08, 2008

working on 28% of a monitor. true story, and it's a depressingly sad one. work just got rougher. 05:51 PM September 08, 2008

back in business. 10:31 AM September 08, 2008

Wondering how I got to the point where going to bed before midnight was "early". 11:54 PM September 07, 2008

Couldn't have asked for a better ending to the CES fireside. 10:07 PM September 07, 2008

Might love Sunday afternoons more than any other time of the week. 04:57 PM September 07, 2008

Understands now why people can get offended by the ill-advised things people say to them at church. 02:05 PM September 07, 2008

5 minutes late for church per the usej. 10:03 AM September 07, 2008

kind of annoyed that the neighbors are still outside on the balcony boozing and noisy after 2am. 02:17 AM September 07, 2008

WHY would i choose to come to Target on a Saturday? why? 01:43 PM September 06, 2008

Finally watching When Harry Met Sally. Now maybe I'll understand all the pop culture references for real--instead of the learned. 11:04 PM September 05, 2008
So there you go. If you decide to give it a go (Twitter is for the blogger who wonders if he or she can keep it up), find me. Only three of my friends are frequent Twitterers (it's a super geek thing to do), so I'm always happy to have fellow friends on board. (Lurking is also SO much more acceptable on Twitter than in the blogosphere. I'm "followed" by 6x more strangers than people I know.)

But until then, do as Snow White said and Twitter while you work. (or play. or shop. or exercise. but not while you bike ride.)


Jody said...

My issues with Twitter are twofold.

One, while reading several of your tweets, I became very curious to hear the story. If I was curious all the time about 144 character long tweets, I would come away from my computer feeling very unfulfilled.

Two, like you, my understanding is that twitter is for geeks. Aside from you and my husband, I don't know of anyone else I would follow or that would follow me. At least with my blog, I feel like I have a few friends. :)

Maybe if it becomes a little more mainstream...

kendall said...

I think your blogging has been wonderful. I love you.

Bags said...

I had to wane away from my Twitter, because I'd go to class and by the time I left I'd have over 50 texts.

I was literally emptying my inbox 3 or 4 times a day. Insane... and very unproductive. I hate feeling like I've been assimilated.

Nat Attack said...

Jody--it's true, I held off on Twittering for a LONG time because no one does it. I've found I enjoy it anyway.

Bags--holy popular! You can turn off the email and text alerts; I did that after my first one. Oye.

ju said...

@NatAttack TWEET. I heart getting your tweets via text. Makes me feel like I'm right beside you all day long...except I can't taste the delicious texas rolls along with you.

stephanielynn said...

I miss hitting up the roadhouse with you after a crappy day of work at d-mark!

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