Thursday, September 04, 2008

Office Space

I survived the move yall. Don't think I'll be doing that again soon. And by soon I mean until I leave Boston. I have many a picture of the most manual labor I've done since well... ever, but it's overwhelming to write that blog just yet. So until then, I leave you with a photo of the only organized space I own--my work desk.

And yes, it's very open air. This is why if you call me during work hours I keep my words to a minimum. And yes, it was dark outside when I took this photo--that's how much I've avoiding the 20'x8' wall-to-wall of stuff. Anybody want to hang out tonight?

Slightly related--I have discovered the worst bloody smell in the entire world. My visiting teacher came over to help me clean our disaster of a kitchen as the clock was winding down at the old place. Instead of simply allowing me to throw the entire door's worth of condiments straight into the trash, she suggested we empty them first so they wouldn't be so heavy in the trash. Against my better judgment, I agreed; and proceeded to squeeze, dump, or spoon the most vile cornucopia of smells into the sink. I'll spare you any more of the details, but warn you to never do that.

More to come! .... eventually.


kendall said...

I like that black and white footstool in the corner. Give it to me, please.

Nat Attack said...

It's actually green and black; and we got them at Target.

Linda said...

when you mentioned terrible smell I thought for sure you were referring to your movers... cuz that was bad!!

Alaina said...

Oh I like seeing your office! It's very pretty - I'd enjoy hanging out there.

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