Friday, August 29, 2008

Higher! Faster! Stronger!

If I were tagging all the entries I've made about M. Phelps, he'd probably have more posts than people I actually know (in the flesh not because of the flesh) and love. The post didn't originate with Phelpsy (it started brewing in Olympic Week #1 but was thrown aside due to time constraints). However, after last night's foray to the multiplex for a viewing of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2", the Great Lookalike of the XXIIV Olympiad just had to be created.

Kostos as Michael Phelps. Or Michael Phelps as Kostos. I'm not too sure which.

Erica as Nastia. Or Nastia as Erica.

Stephanie as Kerrie. Or Kerrie as Stephanie.

Ryan as Ryan (Lochte). Or Ryan as Ryan.

Those babies as these babies. Or these babies as those babies. Same diff.

Honorable mention that I really don't want to post but can't help it: This guy as this guy.


Jody said...

The little girls one is definitely my favorite.

You make me laugh.

Erica said...

Ooooh, I feel so honored to have made it into the Great Lookalike 2008. I'm pretty much the least flexible person ever, though, so it must not go much beyond looks.

kendall said...

Erica should totally pick up gymnastics, and China should stop recruiting babies.

Mallory Jan said...

Yeah the babies one is pretty hilarious but oh so true. haha. mmm michael phelps.
"If you let me spend eight hours a day in a pool I'd look like that too!"


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