Monday, August 25, 2008

On... Second Edition vicariously through me:

* The week before a big move is the week you should be hap-hap-happy you're you and not me.
* The aforementioned sunburned forehead, lips, and face are another reason you should be hap-hap-happy you're you and not me.
* Don't get me wrong, it's great to be me, I just want you to be happy being you. Because I like you. That's why we're friends. Lurker or not.

... "A Walk to Remember":
* A rogue copy appeared in the house-gutting. Sick from the packing, I bunkered down to enjoy an evening of light, romantic "is-it-pro-Christian-or-not" dramadey.
* This movie is cheesy. The lines are cheesy, the acting is cheesy, the facial expressions are Whole Foods organic cheesy. Shane West is officially the worst on-screen crier ever.
* It just doesn't matter. I actually shed two tears. One when Shane broke down in the car, and the other when Mandy walked down the aisle. Remember how she was only cute when the pulled her bangs to the side? I haven't cried in movie since I bawled watching Little Women on Demand.
* I honestly cannot remember who I was with when I first saw this movie. I think it came out my first year at BYU (the soundtrack places the date), but I'm having a brain block--that doesn't happen very often!
* Shane was listening to a discman. How far we've come in the last 8 years.

... a roof with a view:
* Some friends moved into this crazy posh apartment complex on the Cambridge-side of the Charles. Through no illegal action, said occupants found a way onto the facility's roof.
* Journey to the top includes 22-flights in an elevator, an indoor ladder to an unpadlocked hatch, and voila! Unguarded, unfenced roof access.
* Treacherous or not (and it wasn't, the roof is large enough to avoid getting close to the edge), the views of the city were Seriously, can't be replicated. I'll never look at that building the same. It will be a sad day when the gate is padlocked as it probably should be.

...the ()lympics:
* I got my life back. How I'll miss the nightly coverage. I did shed a tear last night during the credits-rolling highlight reel after the Closing Ceremonies last night.
* I love that for two weeks I became an expert on all kinds of sports I won't give a hoot about during the next 3.92 years. I know the rules, I know the game's history, I know the athletes and their stories. Some of my favorite stories included:
........the 33-year-old gymnast who left the old Russian bloc to seek treatment in Germany for her son w/ cancer, the guy who began swimming after he almost drown, the French swimmer who left her country to date a swimmer in Italy only to lose her Italian nationality and her boyfriend to an arch swimming rival, Shawn Johnson carved into butter, the Redeem Team, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael (did I spell that right? it looks so wrong now), the US Men winning indoor volleyball gold for the coach whose parents-in-law were stabbed (one killed) the night of the opening ceremony, Misty May and Karrie Walsh winning the gold but now wanting to give up volleyball to have families, and a host of other stories I'll bury deep inside until 2012.
* Maybe working the 2010 Vancouver Games? NEver too late to start thinking. I did get the chills during the preview spot.
* Give Bob Costas a vacation!
Well friends. I'm really shocked it's been so long since I blogged last. I was in Portland for a week and between my good friends the 29th Olympiad and my fam-damily; I kept busy. But for tonight I bid adieu. I'm sitting in a room half stripped of it's wall-hangings (plaster holes gaping), 88% of the clothing bagged and boxed, and ready to go. Seven more sleeps....


ju said...

don't forget to invite that old raccoon living in your walls to join you at the new digs.

p.s. thank you for blogging

kendall said...

I love you, Nat. Thank you for blogging!!
Sorry I haven't commented in a thousand years. I still really love you.

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