Monday, August 04, 2008

Sweet Child of Mine

I keep thinking I've got Boston figured out--which is laughable, I know. Take our Friday night activity for example. Raise your hand if you went on a Guns 'n Roses tribute band Harbor Cruise/Booze Cruise.

pre-cruisin'\m/workin' the wind
let's give it up for the only sober kids on the boat!i only hang out with pretty peoplethat's us and the paradise city
before the humidity (and the dancing) got the better of usyou're not hardcore unless you live hardcorethe peg
dancingthe birthday girl and future roomiekatie didn't get the blue eye memo

We ushered in Linda's birthday with a band appropriately titled "Appetite for Destruction." They knew how to rock. And the people on the cruise knew how to drink, I'll tell you what. Come the end of the cruise, we were definitely the only people standing on good legs--and I'm not just talking about the rocking of the boat.

Trust me, it was even more fun than it looks.

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