Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Can't come soon enough!

1. My flight e-ticket finally arrived for the Q4 Euro Adventure. Cities I've only seen on a map--Barcelona, Zurich, Paris now have confirmation codes and official flight numbers. Only two full months stand between me and the greatest self-propelled vacation ever. (Rule #1 for trip planning: If you really want to go, you have to be willing to make it happen. Sounds simplistic, but it's true.) November 22nd can't come soon enough.

2. I set my mail to begin forwarding to my new apartment the end of the month. I also requested the gas and electricity be shut off. (Rule #1 for moving: Preparation will keep you from anxiety.) September 1st can't come soon enough.

3. Joe and Jamar coming this weekend. Friday can't come soon enough.

4. Per tradition, my parents are confirmed to come help me customize the new place. September 21st can't come soon enough.

5. My sister-cousin Erica is going to have a baby today! I'm so excited to see if they're having a boy or a girl. I voted "boy" in their online pool, but my heart says girl. Girls lead boys 12-2 in the Wms family. That baby can't come soon enough!


Kylee said...

Make it happen! I like that sound of that!

I can't wait to hear and see pictures about your trip. Who is going with you? I'm insanely jealous and if I weren't going to Ghana in January I would definetely be getting advice from you for my next trip to Europe (don't worry I still may be knocking on your door when I plan my next trip).

Any chance you want to go to India??

Rachel said...

Yay! baby came!

Lauren said...

i agree about booking trips. JUST DO IT! sep 30 (to canada), nov 1 (montreal), oct 2(geneva), and the Christmas holidays (maui), CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erica said...

HEy thanks for the shout-out! That baby must finally have come since I'm typing this at 3am with one hand while I hold the little stinker. :) Life changes fast!

I'm so excited for your European extravaganza! And GOOD advice about getting ready for a move--preparation totally relieves stress. I did everything I could possibly think of before we left Indiana, and it definitely helped. Love you!

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