Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Since Yesterday

* I hauled fifteen loads of left behind crap other occupants of the house left when they moved out trash to the curb. Not only was going down the stairs that broke my leg nerve-wracking, I have to deal with the fear that the garbageman won't actually take all that garbage away. Then what people, then what.

* This morning, I noticed that my fifteen loads of trash had been picked-over. I hope one of the neighbors enjoys the tent with no poles. (Maybe they'll be as handy as Nate was in NH last year.)

* I started getting nervous that my quest for optimism might be turning me into a SeriouslySoBlessed blog. Don't worry, my life totally sucks on certain days. Rest easy yall. I might make cards and sport a half-braid in the front, but I still have dark parts in my heart. Dun dun dunnnnn.

* Went crazy buying country songs on iTunes. INCLUDING a fabulous new song by Darius Rucker. That's right. Hootie is b(l)ack. Both meanings speak wonders for the country-music scene.

* I asked an old coworker (from the D-Mark) in an IM conversation how her daughter was. After responding, she asked me how my bangs are. Bah-hah. Don't worry all; they're doing just fine. They're currently eight months long, standing up by themselves!, and their color is totally changing. Everytime I cut them my hair looks blonder. I'm seriously, so, so blessed to have bangs this great.

* BOOKED MY PARIS HOTEL. And found out Paris has free bike rentals throughout the entire city. I'll start praying for a dry day now. Pretty sure I might cry when I get there.

* I'm on day 26 of skirts. I think there's a light far off, but too far off to get too excited about.

* A combination of three things that hold a special place in my heart:

* If commenting patterns hold solid, I project three people will have something to say. And seriously, those three people make me feel so, so, so blessed.


Deming Brat said...

a) i didn't know you were going to paris- that rocks

b) i love that that song reminds you of me- i seriously wished for one more moment of singing the harmony with julie just one more time

c) i wonder at the reason for carrie underwood never opening her eyes whilst singing this song. it actually became more funny as the video went on.

d) you are truly and seriously SO BLESSED

Mallory Jan said...

You didn't even mention anything about SYTYCD! haha. I get to see you in about a week!

Alaina said...

YEsssssss I am the third!

I laughed through this whole post. Words can't say how seriously blessed I am to have you in my life.

Next assignment: will my hair straightener plug in on the cruise ship? And do they provide us with blowdryers?

Cheryl and William said...

sorry that some of that "crap" was mine- thanks for taking it out to the curb for me :-)

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