Wednesday, August 27, 2008

They say you never forget...

... but I'm not so sure.

Yall know I'm moving (five days, woot!), and my new digs put me less than two miles from work. With the disaster known as Boston parking and the travesty known as how sick I get on the bus, I've decided to bike. How green of me.

Look what I bought yesterday!

Isn't he pretty? A beach cruiser look with multi-gear functionality. Craigslist introduced us--I got a steal of a deal from a chap moving back to the motherland; God bless America and the lengths we go to send people back. The bike is only five months old and hombre threw in the lock and helmet as well. Steal!

But here's my problem: I've never been the greatest of riders. Maybe it's because I learned to ride on a bike with no brakes. Or I've never owned my real, own bicycle. (That makes it sound like I have had my own virtual bike, but I have not--and I shall not rephrase) Either way, I need to practice this thing called bike riding. I have two options, help me decide.

Shall I practice:
a.) in my work parking garage.
b.) out on the scary urban streets that may or may not have bike lanes.
c.) not at all and let fate run its course.

and d.) how important is it to wait until my aflac accident insurance kicks in on September 1?


ju said...

I vote B. Baptism by fire.

stephanielynn said...

I love it! I say just go for it - you'll learn faster that way.

Whits said...

I am totally with you on the non-rider status. I used to ride bikes all the time before I was 10. After that, we moved to seattle and it pretty much rained all the time.

That is a sweet bike though. I am definitely looking forward to getting a bike when I move back to CA. Def beach cruiser style.

kendall said...

Go with C, things'll turn out fine. I started riding my bike to the Smiths in really is kind of the highlight of my day. Of course, that could be because my day consists of sitting at home, sending out resumes, and watching TV.

maWeesa said...

cute bike!! you should bring it into the city and we'll go on a beach ride together!!

Jan said...

bad luck runs in threes...have you had three runs this year?

Lauren said...


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