Monday, August 04, 2008

words to go with the pictures

* I've turned into "that woman" at work. You know, the one who has a fleece blanket and drinks hot chocolate in July? The only reason I don't have a space heater yet is because I keep forgetting to bring it from the place I specifically put it to not forget.

* The outfit I'm wearing today is very sister missionary-ish. If sisters were allowed to wear mis-matching patterns. (Surely there's a rule about that elsewise I would have seen some enterprising Sister mix-matching it up a little bit.) It's not awful looking, I think it's the mid-calf skirt length.

* By now, the entire (Mormon) world has heard of the Seriously, so Blessed blog. Is anyone besides me sick of it? The first 10 posts were funny, but now it's just overkill. The new, better-than-SsB activity? Finding real world examples of blogs that embody the SsB attitude and sharing them. I won't post them here, but I'm more than happy to share--both the ones I've found and the ones that have been forwarded to me. Fear not little flock, none of the blogs are of people I actually know. You can breathe easier now.

* This is just a shout-out to all eight of my sisters and sister-cousins. One of these days we should have a trip for just us 8. Summer 2010?

* Due to the impending move, I had a productive Saturday. I cleaned my closet, weeded out some old clothes, and decided to take advantage of my last month of free laundry by deciding to wash EVERYTHING I own. I'm six loads in, and haven't touched the main closet. (For my memories sake, the jeans, hoodies, winter blankets, and tank tops are done.)

* Boston continues to experience weekly hurricanes. I've never lived in a place with more frequent torrential downpours. I'm actually kind of loving it.

* I got called as a Relief Society teacher yesterday. Survey 1st Counselor says it's time I had more face time in the ward. I'll miss being the easiest calling in the church Visiting Teaching District Supervisor.

* Aren't you supposed to outgrow childhood acne at, oh, say 16? I love that my window of terror is 22-25. Awesome.

* I guess that means I look like a 16-year-old sister missionary. Double awesome.

* I'm headed to Portland in a week, for a week. Schedule your Nat time now if you want it. August is going to be over before I know it. (Which is never a bad thing as I get paid a month's worth of salary the first of the month.)

* As I laid/lie/layed reading in bed last night I decided I was kind of tired. 9:51. Too early to turn the lights off? I guess not. 9:51 is four standard deviations away from the mean in the standard bell curve of Nat's going to bed distribution. THIS IS AN OUTLYING OCCURRENCE PEOPLE. Bet your face it's statistically significant. (Kramer's V!)

* Want to see how gorgeous and adorable my sister and niece are?

* Any more lurkers want to self-identify?

* Lastly, I bought the movie Far & Away at Target last week. ($5? Yes please.) Sigh. Remember when Tom used to be young, hot, and not-crazy? I love everything about this movie. It's yours to borrow should you want.


Jody said...

I had never heard of the SsB blog. How's that for being a "Utah Mormon"? I took a peek. The novelty wore off quickly.

kendall said...

I love this blog, and I am ABSOLUTELY up for a sister/cousin girl reunion! Seriously! I'll start saving NOW.

Mallory Jan said...

Yes please can we go on a sister/cousin trip. I love that. Good idea nat. I'm thinking somewhere warm.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Nat, I SO hear you on the SsBlog. Once they started advertising to me, I got all belligerent and stopped reading. I also found this one: It's a little outdated, but more subtle in it's genteel mockery.

Rachel said...

a) I am so there for Summer 2010. It's insane. We need a good trip like that!
b) I love that you're 16 year old sister missionary.
c) That Tom really is crazy.

Linda said...

Very much with you on the ssbblog!! at first clever and fun, now overdone.

so I think our apartment has hookups for washer and dryer, I was thinking about looking. Then you can wash your stuff all over again! I just wish it came with a dry cleaners in the basement!

Nettie Martin said...

Nat. . . I'm coming out. I'm a lurker =) Whewww!!!!! That feels so good to get off my chest. Your blog entertains me on those LONG days at work. And...I'm jealous that Joe and Jamar are coming to visit you. I keep trying to convince them to come see me-no luck so far =( AND your sisters pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I loved the ones she took of you- but the ones of her with her little girl are serious so presh!

(and if you've forgotten who I am I'll understand =)

Nat Attack said...

Nettie--silly girl. Of COURSE I haven't forgotten you. Are world keeps getting closer as f-book shows me who we continue to know in common.

And I never forget someone with my name... ;)

Alaina said...

Oh Natalie I need to get back in the habit of reading every day. You crack me up.

I'm 27 and still take minocycline twice a day because once a day doesn't cut it. When will we grow out of these painful (and ugly) monsters!?

Leslee said...

Hey Nat -

I love being a lurker on your blog. Some days I live vicariously through you, while you are on international adventures and I only venture to Walmart some weeks. :)

Glad things are going well for you - shoot me an email sometime. Just had baby #2 on June 12 - I am such a slacker I have not yet posted/sent any pictures. Will try soon.

Anyway! Thought I would make myself known at last!


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