Monday, September 29, 2008

I am, in fact, NOT smarter than a fifth grader.

Today, in attempt to prove a point, I played a fun "game". I think you should do it as well; it's all kinds of geeky historical fun. Without the aid of a computer, or lifelines, write down as many US Presidents as you can in 10 minutes. I promise, it's not as easy as you think.

There are 43 men who've held the title of Commander and Chief. I was certain I'd only get half; but surpassed by goal with 24 of 43. 55.8 percent, thank you, thank you. Without a decent church history knowledge, I doubt I could have come up with 20.8 percent of my 55.8 percent.

After completing said self imposed task, I checked my list against a full-blown history of the Executive Branch's head masters. Duh. I missed some easy ones. (And I swear at least two or three that have to be a joke.) But I'll tell you what, those important guys are next to impossible to remember when you're trying to do so. I can't tell you what or who exactly because I don't want to give you any hints.

So... how many did you get? Did you accidentally add any prophets to the list? Any self-realizations as you played?


Anonymous said...

That show is insane... I'm sorry but no 5th Grader knows what country the mouth of the Indus River is in... Hell I thought it was India (bzzzt).

BTW... I got 36 Presidents... I missed Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, Hayes, Garfield

There were ACTUALLY only 42 men who've been President... Cleveland was President twice... #22 and #24.

Nat Attack said...

Hold the phone there Liam! 2nd post into your personal blog reveals you were a History major in your former life. How are us commoners supposed to keep up!? (Buchanan was one I DID get however. Woot!)

Wow. The Boston Celtics really led me astray. On a recent trip to the White House to celebrate their NBA Championship (Double woot!), they gave the President a jersey with the number 43--since he was the 43rd President. This goes to show you not to trust the brainiacs in the Sports world.

Crap. Now all my math is off.

Anonymous said...

In most people's countings... They count by the number of "presidencies" counting Cleveland twice since he served two unconsecutive terms... or is it non-consecutive? inconsecutive?

screw it.

Yeah GWB is #43.

Here's more trivia...

What is the most number of years 1 person can serve as President?

Alaina said...

It's eight, isn't it? Wait... unless a VP took over after a death... so like 11.5?

Anonymous said...

Correct answer is...

10 yrs... A person may be elected to 2 full terms and complete 2 years of another person's term...

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