Thursday, September 25, 2008

remarkable unremarkableness

I try hard to do what people tell/ask me to. I've been tagged to list six unremarkable things about myself. A case could be made for the fact that this blog has served a 2.5 year mission (perhaps even to China!) doing exactly that. Regardless, I will hunt through the dark and mysterious portions of my brain to bring you the unremarkable, the unexplainable, and the untold.

1. I have three freckles/small moles on my chest that start just under my collarbone and form a perfect diagonal line in a south-westerly direction. I can tell how low my shirt is by which of the three freckles are showing. Consider it a self-created Cleavage Check.

2. I'm a nick-namer. And a good one at that. In fact, I'd consider my girls Alicia, Krista and I to be the best nicknamers around. A good nickname can have multiple meanings--take for instance "Teaspoon." This nickname belongs to a guy in one of the wards who I actually spooned on the T, and who looks like a teaspoon (think tall and skinny with a big head.) Oh snap. To some degree Boston suppressed the creative act because I had no one with whom to first share my initial namings. (For you people who can actually remember names the first go-round novices, nicknames are given and most likely to stick if they're assigned early on in the non-relationship.

3. Lest, wont, apt. I have a fascination with out-of-the-ordinary-but-common-enough-not-to-appear-pretentious (hopefully) words that end in "t".

4. I'm a minimalist when it comes to certain technologies. I can't stand to have more people in my phone than I actually call (losing your phone is the best way to condense). Knowing people are online (on any of my instant message contact lists) that I never chat with drives me crazy (deleted but not blocked!), and my brain will literally explode if I have more than the absolute bare-minimum windows and applications open when I'm on a computer. Sometimes I refuse to turn on my iTunes lest it take the room in my taskbar. Also: my taskbar is set to double height so I can see everything open should it get that intensive. I -X out of things all the time (including chats), even if I know I'll need/use the window in the very near future.

5. I might be the only person you ever know/meet/lurk who delights in logistical planning.

6. For all the writing I do, I'm quite terrible at word games.


ju said...

I'll assume I'm excluded from the list of Boston people who don't understand/appreciate your nicknames. In fact, I'd venture to say that you and I have collectively come up with some gems...

Is this a mini blog yet?

Nat Attack said...

Not quite. You need one GIANT leap in thought shift and then you're there.

Alicia and Brian said...

I, too, have a modesty freckle. I think the voice in my head wasn't enough, so I got a mark too.

This is hardly the first time I've thought it...but yet again, I am convinced that you and I have the same brain, and its sharing two bodies.

With matching freckles.

Breona said...

That's remarkable. I hope to one day fulfill my requests for certain posts as well. I'll get to it. Its just rough sometimes?

Alaina said...

Thanks Dude. Wish you were here for girl's night.

Liam said...

Mine is here:

Erica said...

I have a mole like that! I've always called it my modesty mole. You, me, and Alicia.

Definitely, maybe, probaby related posts:

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