Sunday, September 14, 2008

the remedy is the experience

It's with a general sigh of relief that I bid final adieu to this week. Many a word could be used to describe the grand events, the misunderstandings, the hope, the experience, the highlights, and the emotions both up and down. Suffice it to say, I survived.

In an attempt to give our new place some color, Linda and I added a few pieces today to our living areas--this includes a framed piece with the quote, "The journey is the reward." I find myself staring at it quite a bit -- ironic since it's in the kitchen (better to stare at it than in the fridge, right?) above the sink. I'm trying to live by its sage wisdom. Or avoid doing the dishes.

Besides, what's the trouble when you do sweet things on the weekends? I propose that anyone attending a clam bake with gorgeous weather and scenery with equal beauty should have no need to bellyache. Alas:


ju said...

I went to Harmon's this weekend. That was the highlight.

Please tell me you ate that lobster...??

Alaina said...

Wow. Wow wow wow. JEALOUS!

Whits said...

Some other highlights of your weekend: putting together a cute outfit for Sunday and giving a great lesson in RS.

kendall said...

You look so cute, and that looks amazingly fun. I wish I could visit you!!

Nat Attack said...

Ju -- I DID eat that lobster. Or the parts of if that were easy and not disgusting. I kept myself from getting grossed out longer than I thought I would.

And for the record, lobster tastes kind of like rubbery chicken. I'll eat it, but I don't love it.

Whit--you're very kind, thanks for the reminder!

Kenny -- only three months til Christmas and we'll have two weeks together.

Mary B said...

LOVE the hat!

Laura said...

1. You changed your blog header. I can dig it. I spent the afternoon editing my xml and the result: cutesy. Ah, me.

2. I miss both your outfits and our conversations. To learn that I now am missing your RS lessons also... it's too much.

3. Agreed. Lobster = yucko. Have you tried lobster roll? I hear that's better.

4. You know Derek!

Laura said...

5. Have you listened to the latest Mraz?

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