Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tonight? Photos of yesteryear that are going to make this post really long and hard to scroll. Good luck.

Lesson learned? My hard drive is in terrible disarray. You'll notice by the random collection of times and places and ordering. My logistical side is fighting the urge to leave as is (and comment on every photo), but my WILD side is telling everyone to shut up and have another Starburst. Why thank you self, I think I'll have two.

The one similarity in all these photos is that they were taken before the birth of this here blogging location. (Baby turns four next month! And siiiiiiiiiick. I just called my blog Baby. I'm gross.) And have yet to be posted. Good times. (Also? Aren't you glad I'm posting? I felt the urge tonight but decided to hold the "OMG, I luuuuuuuurve the Olympics" for an evening. Old timey photos it is!

Hit it:


stephanielynn said...

Were those shiney purple overalls? Delightful.

Alicia said...

How is it that a stroll down YOUR memory lane is like a simultaneous stroll down mine?? :)

Love the tennis shot, love the shiny overalls (only the best BYU dances got to see those babies!), and love seeing how you and "the sisters W" have changed.

P.s. In the SLC pic in front of the temple, I realized that I have that tank top too. I'm sure you bought, then I copied, no? I know I borrowed that necklace to wear with mine :)


Nat Attack said...

Steph -- definitely shiny purple overalls. Two-toned with blue. These really deserve an entire post of their own. They figured pretty heavily into about 5 years of my life.

Leesh -- I actually abstained from BYU photos as much as possible. I'll get there eventually and then you'll pop up EVERYWHERE.

Cabra Forte said...

I made that shirt!

Not surprisingly, I can't tell hardly anything that is drawn on it. Its still cool nonetheless.

Nat Attack said...

Matt -- I'm glad you remembered! I thought that very thing when I found that photo. Figured at least SOMEONE would get a kick out of it.

Remember how that night was kind of strange because it was all of our friends, but because it was a DATE everyone was kind of awkward? I just remember conversation being a little stilted.

colleenita said...

Dude. Sexy overalls. And your Daddy kinda looks like Trent Reznor with that black wig on.

Alaina said...

I love that I figure in or snapped a large majority of those photos. Memory lane, bring it on.

Marci & Adam Butterfield said...

love love the pink outfits/overalls, visors, and pig tails. I am sure you are wishing you still had the outfit so it could be passed on to posterity.

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