Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have fifteen minutes...

  • I need a new blog header. You know it, I know it, and the lack of any creative intrigue drives me nuts. I website for a living; I can't believe I've let it go on this long. Soonly! But, for what it's worth, the default image (eww, I don't know I've ever been considered default) is a picture of the Zakim bridge in Boston.
  • Last night was the official kick off of for this year's half marathon training. I finally ran last year (I know, I can hardly believe it either) and lost my mind long enough to register again. But Mallory is taking her first big trip cross-country by herself to a) come visit me and b) run the Half as well! It's been so fun talking about and comparing our training. The thought of 13 miles still strikes dread in my heart, but it's fun knowing one of my sisters is coming to be crazy with me as well.
  • While at work yesterday I committed myself to running five miles. My first major run of the year and I'm quite pleased with how well it went. I'm listening to a book on my ipod ("Hunger Games") and it's a rather fantastic way to pass the time mindlessly. I'm in better shape than I thought I was -- I ran my fast split maybe ever. Why?
  • Not sure if you know what Zumba is, but you really should find out. The easiest way for me to describe it is a latin-ballroom dance cardio linedance class at our gym. The best part is the company. There are six of us gals who routinely attend (3-5 of us each time) and I literally can't quit smiling when we're there. I've never, ever, ever, ever been so sweaty in my whole life. (Not even here.) This is the week I break out the sweatband because the sweat keeps getting in my eyes. Are you sicked out yet? It's fairly amazing. I'll convert you all yet, I promise.
  • Twice this week, a Christmas song has hit a random shuffle of iTunes. I've let it play both times.
  • I'm an adult (I think), but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be allowed to make my own food choices. The eight-year-old version of me would be head-over-heels for this v27, but I'm pretty sure I need to hire a personal assistant to be in charge of my food. And my shoes. I have a rough time with shoe selection.
  • Remember when I used to blog about the Celtics all the time? Those were the days. Lest you think I've forgotten about the guys in green, I'm headed to the Garden tonight. The game is against the Knicks who were totally bottom of the barrel until the trade deadline last Thursday and now they own the likes of T-Mac, and Nate Robinson (Kryptonate!) is now wearing green and playing against his old team and half of you have quit reading this paragraph and have moved on. But here's the nugget for those of you who soldiered through: I like to think there are blessings for righteous living scattered all over the place.
  • My 15 minutes are up, I'm running to catch the T, meet up with a visiting bestie for dinner and then to the Gaaaaaaaaahden. Oh man I love my life today.
And my hair looks good. That's always an upper, yah?


Kendall said...

Let's go in on a personal shoe assistant together. I need some help.

maWeesa said...

when i first read "zumba" on your blog i thought of that nerdy computer game i was obsessed with during the clover haus days

Nat Attack said...

Mel -- what's really funny is that I didn't know you played that game, but I've played a time here or there in the last few years. It's a totally dumb game, but kind of addicting... kind of like Brickbreaker in that way!

Mary B said...

ZUMBA ROCKS!!! I can't stop smiling either. And I've taken to bringing baby washcloths to mop up my sweat inbetween songs. My favorite is the Samba. And African. LOVE IT!

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