Wednesday, February 24, 2010

scaling back my priorities

As hard as I tried, I couldn't convince anyone to go on an exotic vacation with me over Memorial Day. Believe me, I tried. Any one, any where; I'dve done it.

Now, Colorado is no Prague or Zurich, but I'm happy to announce that I'll be relaxing and probably lazing around not doing much partying with the amazing Katie over the long weekend. (In one of the four corners states that's not Utah or Arizona! Gasp!)

Thank you JetBlue, for not realizing that's a long weekend and hyper inflating your prices. (Oh crap. Did I book the wrong weekend? Panic.)

Thrilled to death, and sharing the good news I had the following conversation with Julie:
Me: Last year it was a quick weekend jaunt to central Europe. This year is Denver. Exotic, huh? Oh well, 2010 is the year of scaling back.

Julie: Scaling back for me means packing a lunch. For you, it means flying domestically instead of internationally.
Well. She has a point. But I'm now taking applicants for this year's Thanksgiving Week. Save me from a trip to Toledo*, huh?

* Though I'm sure it's lovely there**.
** Right? Has anyone actually been to Toledo***?
*** In one of those horoscope books, Toledo was actually called out as my lucky**** city.
**** Oh snap, I think this means I should. Newsflash: now recruiting for Thanksgiving in Toledo 2010*****. Who knows what wonders await!
***** I actually wrote 2008 and then had to delete it. What the time warp?


ju said...

Toledo is a time warp. Up next? My lean cuisine.

Nat Attack said...

Liar. You said you didn't bring a lunch today. Don't try to save face for my readers. Wiiiiiiiiiink.

k8 said...

you have no idea what awaits you in Colorado Springs. Michael Phelps could be on campus. You'll do the world famous manitou springs death march AND probably be the first person to sleep on my hide-a-bed. Prague has got NOTHING on me...

Nat Attack said...

The death march scares the bejeezees out of me. The good news is I will have run a Half marathon 2 weeks before the march. STILL I WILL DIE.

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