Monday, October 05, 2009

the swine flu, central europe, and you

So it may not have been a tumor, but this morning I discovered that I survived the swine flu outbreak of 2009. In fact, I'm pretty sure I brought it home from Portland post-Kendall's wedding and proceeded to spread it throughout my office. I'm rather persuasive you see.

My coworker Heather and I spend quite a bit of time together. We sit feet from each other every day of the week, and oftentimes shop, eat, or see movies after work. Our lives run a different track, but we get along smashingly. Earlier this year, we decided it'd be fun to skip the country for a few days. (Post-time-off approval, the higher ups realized we were both gone at the same time and had a minor meltdown at having no project management coverage in Cambridge. It's good to feel needed!)

Yes, I'm four months behind in posting more pictures. But better late than never!

Both Prague and Zurich were uncharacteristically warm for May (95 degrees?!); we'd packed for a spot of cooler weather, so we tried our best to make do with the rolling sweat and humidity. We didn't have any agenda items for either town (both of us were coming off crazy work quarters and were looking forward to just taking it easy) so we spent our time wandering around and eating wherever suited our fancy.

Before leaving the States, I read that Zurich is the most expensive city in the world. Boy howdy, reporters finally got something right. The 3-hour ride we took on the Zurich Lake ferry cost less than our lunch did--a $5 coke and $6 hot dog. We did some shopping (mostly window to be honest) and walked and sweat and walked some more. Glad I can check the Czech Republic and Switzerland off my list. Greece is now my last major European destination to hit--any one up for a little weekend getaway?


kendall said...

Greece is the ultimate destination of my life. I'll go with you! I'M SERIOUS.

Brittney said...

I'll go with you as long as we can hum ABBA tunes along the white sands and ripped guys with snorkel flippers pop out of the water while breaking out in melodious song....

Jody said...

Greece has been at the top of my list for a couple years now. Hmmmm... All I need is a couple thou and a weaned baby.

Erica said...

Did you really get swine flu? I wanna hear about that!

And yes, Greece. Good idea.

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