Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rating this month a 10

Last year, I claimed that December is my favorite month of the year. Well watch out 12, there's a new name on the ballot. October has been a whirlwind of visitors, Saturday get-aways, and leaf viewing. One of my major projects has been in QA and development, so I've been working a ton and spent a few quick days in meetings in Portland.

Here's a sample of my last week--pretty indicative of how all of October has been:
Sunday night: fly to Portland
M, Tu, Weds: project management meetings; after hours socializing, working from 8-1:30 most nights to get actual work done
Thurs: fly back to Boston--a man on the plane had a seizure onboard in the first hour so it was a pretty dramatic flight, get picked up by my mom at the airport (in Boston. it was trippy as it was a complete polar opposite of what happens when i usually fly.), drive to NYC to stay with my Dad in his hotel (there for business). That's right. Portland, Boston, NYC all in one day.
Fri: work from the hotel in the AM, Canal Street, the MoMa, Olive Garden in Times Square, West Side Story lottery (Dad won!), a piece of cheesecake with Whitney while the parents were at the show, and to sleep on the ground. (Night six not in my own bed.)
Sat: flea market in Chelsea, pizza on the Upper West Side, and a drive back to Boston in the back seat of a convertible Ford Mustang. Pouring rain, so the top was up. Dinner at "Jimbo's Roast Beef and Seafood," the hole-in-the-wall restaurant near my house that's a new favorite I take all of my visitors too. 100% success rate so far. Grocery shopping. Bed.
Sun: Sleep in. Oh so glorious. So so so glorious. Church with the parents. Tacos and mexican chuttney. Another "most gorgeous day of the year" so this time we get to ride with the top down. Looking at leaves and visiting Concord and the Old North Bridge. Took these photos:
I love having my parents in town. They do a good job of keeping themselves busy, but also including me! It was nice to know somethings never change--for instance.... we were nearly late for church as mom was trying to get the roll dough made. (On the plus side, I now know how to make the best rolls in the history of the world. Surely this is a marketable domestic skill!)

This weekend is the every-other-year Education Conference in Boston; and I have quite a few folks coming up from NYC to stay with me and attend. The go go go continues... Sorry I've been inconsistent, I hope you're all happy and well!


maWeesa said...

sad i didn't get to see you while you were in town

Mallory Jan said...

hahahahahaha. oh the roll dough is a classic! I'm glad you have such a fun life. Love you!

Jan said...

thanks for not mentioning the nylons.

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