Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Children of the Corn

It's raining today. Dreary, windy and wet. (Oh my.) The kind of day that necessitates both rubber boots, an umbrella, and a dedication to your job that forces you to bite the bullet and commute to the office instead of working from bed in your pajamas from 9am-8pm (like you did yesterday).

The good news is that this last Saturday was the kind of day that's quintessential New England Fall. The sky was piercingly blue with scattered clouds and the leaves are changing into a postcard palette of oranges, yellows and reds. Each year we take a Fall outing--an unofficial kick-off to the holiday season with drives through picturesque towns and trees AND IT USUALLY INVOLVES FESTIVE SNACKS. Festive snacks people!

This year's Fall Fest brought to you courtesy of the Davis Farmland MEGA-MAZE; a corn maze with 8 acres of corn, 2.65 miles of mazed pathways, 10 bridges, 1 zipline, and inter-maze putt-putt, slingshot activities, water stations and restrooms. The path out of the maze changes every day, so suffice it to say, the maze was pretty intense. We made it through in about 70 minutes but felt proud we'd never walked on the same path twice. It may not have been the quickest way out, but it was a way out.

Where we were really hoping for a piece of pumpkin pie, we settled for a tasty brick of cornbread. Here's some photos we took:

October is my favorite month in Boston, there's just so much going on. And the good news is that it's still early in the month; I'm sure plenty o' Fall activities are still on the menu! And so help me, pumpkin pie better be too...


colleenita said...

Yes! So much fun. So glad to see my pathetic attempts at a zip line were captured!! Haha. Thanks again for getting that all together - you are the beeeest.

Alaina said...

Stephanie came out to visit! It looks like so much fun. You girls are cute.

Jan said...

Please save some fall for me! Want me to make you and Linda a pumpkin pie from scratch?

Rachel Eve said...

I wish I could be in New England in the fall! How fun. And I know I've said this before, but I still canNOT believe that you and Annie are friends! And in pictures together! I miss both of you.

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