Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dear Mallory

We've watched enough Dance shows since 2007... My lines could be much cleaner and body could have better extension. You however, bring a great personality to your performance, and you were really there for your partner, every step of the way! Yes you were! I think we'd be much more graceful should we give it another go when you come visit again.
PS--Thanks for the Cinnamon Satans. I'm embarrassed to say I ate all but four and am paying for it in el estomago. The Devil made me do it.
PPS--Come visit again.


Mallory Jan said...

hahahaha! Yaaaaaay! I love you! I'm glad you were so happy with the shirts and I knew you would love the satans. I'll come visit you as soon as I can. And those pictures have always been some of my favorites.

Alaina said...

Ahahahaha. You guys are amazing dancers.

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