Sunday, October 04, 2009

I once was a baby that looked like a dude

But really, is that a face only a mother could love or what?
Also, isn't it fun to see that I started as a natural redhead? Perhaps the year I spent dark was taking it back to my roots.


Team Russi said...

Is the sister in this picture the same one whose baby you shocked in the previous video? If so, it looks like you're even.

Nat Attack said...

Ha! It is, and you're right.

kendall said...

GRASS FIGHT!! Hahaha, I love baby natalie. I wish I could have one of (a baby version) you, and one of me, and one of Josh. Then my family could be complete.

Alaina said...

Oh, I love it. And we are definitely even. I wish we had pictures of the karate fights from Sunday afternoons.

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