Sunday, October 18, 2009

fall: food and photos

Last week it was corn; this week it was pork salads. The day dawned against-all-meteorologist-odds sunny and bright and I knew we couldn't spend the day at home cleaning my room and packing for a whirlwind work trip to Portland, Oreg. tomorrow. Instead, I convinced Colleen to drive to Portland, Maine with me this afternoon for some leaf peeping. And of course I snuck in a trip to good ole Costa Vida. (Raise your hand if you think Costa Vida deserves its own blog label.) Colleen's first trip, and I'm pretty sure it was a success.
The leaves were perfect. Portland is about 90 miles north of Boston, so their leaves are a titch ahead of ours in terms of loveliness. How can you not love New England this time of the year?

Our Fall Photo Shoot was taken outside the South Portland Fire Station. Hey. It was off the main road and right next to the Costa Vida. Pardon all the singular photos, but if there aren't people in them, who's to say I didn't just poach them from a Google image search?
I'm still the world's worst poser. It's cool; I'd rather be a perpetually poor poser than have perpetual conjunctivitis. It's all about priorities people! So there are still several good solid weeks of leaves left. It's not too late to come visit...! Though between the parents next weekend, and a host of NYCers the next; you have to be cool with a full house.

PS -- in a crazy twist of events, the single readers have pulled even with the married readers in the blog quiz. Way to come through singletons! The married were winning by a landslide a few days ago. Make sure to cast your vote in this life and death poll!


Team Russi said...

I am curious about Colleen's take on Costa Vida. As a card-carrying Texan, was she impressed? The only decent tex-mex I've enjoyed since we moved to Illinois is return visits to TX or OK. How does Maine compare?

Hands down, the NE wins the leaf contest.

kendall said...

Your leaves are putting our Utah leaves to shame. I wish I could come visit. And you look so cute in those pictures!

Laura said...

Also jealous and missing the New England fall.... sigh.

CostaVidaFred said...

Hey Team Russi,

We are all southern californian. I am Mexican and decided it was the closest to what I had growing up. We have several people living in Boston that come up every week just to eat at Costa Vida.

Team Russi said...

I'll have to try Costa Vida if I'm ever in the area. Those are great recommendations!

I wish there was a Costa Vida in Illinois. It sounds delicious!

colleenita said...

A report from the first-timer:

Not quite as authentic as a return trip to Texas, but that cilantro-y flavor and pico de gallo was quite delish. The tortillas were definitely just as good as a tiny Mexican lady's.

Props to Nat for getting me there on a day when I had originally planned to work on a project proposal for 8 hours.

Jan said...

Your powers of persuasion are amazing. I think you could talk anyone into doing something once! EVERYONE should try Costa Vida ONCE.

Battlestar Luna said...

Cute Hair.

ju said...

NAT- The Costa Vida guy has commented on your blog. You are some sort of celebrity! They should give you free lifetime meals for the publicity you give that place on the East Coast.

Also, I think that striped hoodie you've got on is a success. XO

Mallory Jan said...

Come eat Costa with me in Provo please!

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