Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I see your true colors

Three Saturdays ago, Maine.
Two Saturdays ago, DC.
Last Saturday, New Hampshire.

Linda arranged a Fall Festival, and off we went. Concord and the shot heard round the world, back woods drives, random yard and estate tag sales, prep school visits, fall fashion photo shoots, a corn maze, pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies, dinner at a diner, a pumpkin patch, a hay ride, and hours of viewing the best leaves in the country. Yes please.

One of these days I'll get back to actually writing, but until then, enjoy these photos.



Mallory Jan said...

Hooray! Fall! Oh it makes me so excited for thanksgiving and then christmas! I love the leaves. Can we have the recipie for these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies?

maWeesa said...

i'm loving the fall pics!

Alaina said...

Too many! So many! Beauty overload! (Exclamation point overload.)

Seriously, gorgeous.

My favorite is the bottom, second from right of you. It should be a profile pic.

Jan said...

yes, please! Blue isn't a color I often see you wear...

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