Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day

I lost my phone. For real this time. (I think.) For some reason, I think I can exist without a phone. This means texts, email, and the constant contact to friends, family, and the rest of the world. I'm feeling pretty good about my decision after the first 24 hours. I'm wondering if I can make it to my cruise three weeks from today. Chances are slim to none, right? I tried to get Julie to bet me $100 as a little incentive (and the jumpstart on a down payment for another phone). She doesn't think I'll make it six hours into Monday. Guess we'll both see. Anyone want to put up any kind of bet?

Saw High School Musical 3 tonight. I requested we attend a late showing to mitigate the number of potential children in the audience. Then, we chose a theater a bit off the beaten track. Outcome? Five other people in the theater. Score. The movie itself? Sigh. Why do I love HSM so much? It's cheesy and ridiculous, and a two-hour display of shiny shiny hair and a parade of impossible, improbable and idiotic. Who cares. Came home and bought a few songs to update my HSM playlist. That's right, this is how awesome I am.

Also missing with my phone? My camera, a skull ring, and a pack of green Now-n-Laters. I'm still wont to think they're hiding somewhere together.

Hey! It was Halloween this weekend. Guess what I was? A combo of two of my favorite loves -- goth, and High School Musical. What was my costume? Ummmm. A High School Musical Goth. Let's just assume that not every student at East High wanted to sing and dance.

So friends, I don't have a cell phone. Or a house phone. I have access to the internet and a work phone during the standard 8-5 10-7. I have to check my email like a normal person. I have no text messages for the unforeseeable future. It could be 15 days, it could be 2. Que ser a, ser a.

So, uh, who wants to put up some kind of incentive to go sans phone? Am I missing any grand "this isn't going to work Nat! moments" in not having a phone? And how many days do you think I'll actually make it? Lastly, how awesome/atrocious is it that I set the stage to see a kids' movie where the probability of kids actually attending would be slim to none? Don't worry kids, I'm not having a baby any time soon.



ju said...


Alls I can offer you is a green Now-n-Later on account of the 50% off sale at CVS. Otherwise, I'm useless.

But FREAK YEAH, I've got a label.


Nat Attack said...

You. Don't be so frank with me. Mmkay?

Bags said...

Good luck! Also, "sera" is one word. :)

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