Sunday, November 09, 2008

Snore to the bore

Dear cyber world,

My life is boring. Bore-bore-boring. As boring as the still white and undecorated walls in my bedroom more than two months after moving in. Where the greatest accomplishment of the weekend was organizing my shoes and finally watching a movie I've rented on three separate occasions.


Now. Lest you think I'm saying my life is bad, I squarely throw a penalty flag. Tisk tisk. Boring does not equal bad.

Bask with me in my boringness.
  • Sorted through my shoes. Did the summer/winter swap and matched pairs.
  • Opened my bills mail.
  • Piled the bills actually needing paid together. Will over charge Linda tomorrow.
  • Spent .43 cents on a stamp returning a sweepstakes ballot to American Express. Openly scoff if you will, but no cash payment for being my reader friend if my sweepstakes number is the predetermined winner. (Tithing on sweepstakes entries? Discuss.)
  • Started a pile of clothes/shoes for Kendall and Mallory to sort through when they come out. (21 days and counting.)
  • Ate a Target hot dog. Am half considering having my Christmas Card photo taken in the food court there.
  • Secured my place in the annals of history as the worst small talk champion for as long as both shall live and then on into the hereafter and eternity foreverness. Sigh.
  • Foreverness kind of looks like Governess. Which makes me think of the Sound of Music.
  • How great is that song "Forever" by Chris Brown? Oye. Gets me moving every time. But back to task:
  • Watched "The Island" cast reunion. Unless you know what this is or watched it yourself, you have no idea how boring or shameful this is.
  • Worried.
  • Exchanged countless texts and phone calls with Alaina about the cruise wardrobe. Not boring-boring, but she was the one out doing the fun shopping. I was the one in my pajamas at 4pm on a Saturday sorting shoes or eating a Target hot dog answering/asking questions about a cruise whose weather and ports I know slim to nothing about.
  • Went to a Relief Society Board Meeting. (Oh snap. Not as boring as it sounds actually, props to the taco salad/burrito reward for staying late!)
  • Even the Celtics v. Pistons game was a bore. C's blow-out. Good news, but still boring.
  • Fretted about the fact I haven't bought a camera to replace my stolen one from Halloween. Better get on that. Flight to Barcelona is in twelve days and counting.
  • Looked at my nails a million times. They're getting long. For a 25-year nail-biting veteran, a major feat.
  • Looked at my hair a million times. It's not as brown or as gray as I thought it was two days ago. Phew.
  • Tried to think up more boring bullets to write. Lame huh?
  • Now I'm just waiting to talk on the phone. Mom's finishing a movie. Julie's learning finance. Sheesh. These people with their stuff to do.
Don't worry people. Work starts up tomorrow and I'm aiming to get a pep in my step and hopefully some joy to my heart. But I've gotta get going now, Mom won't talk to me unless I can start the call with five nice things. Better grab a pen and find some creativity...


Alaina said...

Boring = "opposition" so you enjoy those EXCITING times.

I might call boring "Productive" here. You sound so accomplished! Sometimes after a long work week, a weekend just as you've described is what I need to feel like I'm on top of my life again.

Nat Attack said...

Sadly, not feeling too productive. Some yes, not enough. Blaaaaaaaaagh. Good thing we have crazy adventure coming our way oh so very soon.

Rachel said...

Actually I don't think your life sounds that boring!

Can I be in your Target Christmas card picture? I would like that.

ju said...

Freak yes, I could use a little payout for that sweepstakes. I'm all support, believe you me. Besides, with your luck, you should be entering everything that comes your way.

Erica said...

So jealous of your cruise! I should write a boring life post - I could probably top yours! (That's a compliment, btw)

Jan said...

oh, wow! CONGRATULATIONS on the NAILS! (even when you're "bored" they continue to grow...) I like Lainy's opposition's true. love you.

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