Friday, November 21, 2008

Come ye thankful people come

This shall serve as my last blog before December. Coming at you from Terminal E of Logan International Airport in Boston, typed to Blogger through Gmail. Sorry if the formatting is wonky, nothing I can do.

If today is Friday, 11/21, I'm still in Boston.
If today is Saturday, 11/22, I'm in Barcelona.
If today is Sunday, 11/23, I'm in Nice and Monte Carlo (Monacco).
If today is Monday, 11/24, I'm in Florence and Pisa.
If today is Tuesday, 11/25, I'm in Rome.
If today is Wednesday, 11/26, I'm in Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.
If today is Thursday, 11/27, I'm in Sicily. Happy Thanksgiving!
If today is Friday, 11/28, I'm at sea.
If today is Saturday, 11/29, I'm in Barcelona.
If today is Sunday, 11/30, I'm in Paris.
If today is Monday, 12/1, I'm still in Paris, but on my way home.
If today falls on a day after Tuesday, 12/2, I'm probably dead on my feet, have a repeat of the European bird flu, or am busy washing all the sheets and towels in my house in prep of the family's arrival on Thursday, 12/4.

Wow, that list is long. I'm going to be out of phone and computer touch longer than, well ever. I just bet yall will get along without me. I hope you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Catch up in December. XOXO.

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