Tuesday, November 18, 2008

T Minus 2 Sleeps

I feel like blogging, fancy that. Never mind it's 12:37pm and there's a list a hand span long of things to do before I fly off to Barcelona on Friday. Oh well, it's past business hours everywhere, so most "To do's" can't be crossed off anyway. What did I get off my list tonight? Buy a camera (thanks Costco--your pizza was delish as well), clean the toilet, unpack a bin, print travel documents. Phew. What's still to do? Oye, quite a bit.

And now, I shall brain dump enough bullets as fast as I can get them before I give up on this blog and toss it, as so many others have gone that way in the past month...

  • Weather is still relatively warm here in Boston. Had a bit of an Indian Summer, and are still experiencing mid-50's here and there. Today I tested out my halfer-weight jacket for the cruise--it will work beautifully.
  • Speaking of the cruise, only three more sleeps before I get on a plane. Considering I'm about to take care of one of those sleeps (and most likely will before the majority of you read said bullet), it's sooner than any of us think. Friday evening I'll jump on a red eye to Barcelona.
  • I have a quick layover in Switzerland, which is funny because the Swiss Consulate is on my floor at work and my coworker Heather and I have a running joke about the Swiss Consulate -- so it's funny that I'm flying through Switzerland. It's also not surprising, since I'm flying Swiss Air.
  • My nails are two manicures long now. This is a big big deal. I think I blogged about this two blogs ago. Embarrassing? Meh. You have to take pride in the little things right? Getting them manicured and my eyebrows waxed is on the list before Friday. RUNNING OUT OF TIME. Actually, my eyebrows ran out of time about three weeks ago.
  • I saw High School Musical 3 again tonight. Kind of a funny story.
  • The agency I work at has been nominated for two pretty major website awards. The Awards show is Wednesday night -- our agency has two full tables, access to an open bar (holla!), and my +1 is the lovely Katie, who also happens to be one of our clients. Two birds, one stone.
  • I kind of wish yall could see me bopping along home from work, a little extra bounce in my step as I listen to either HSM, Chris Brown, or Hair Spray. I am in fact, a 13-year-old girl.
  • I bought a pretty great green houndstooth BCBG dress at Marshall's last week for a few dollars. Wore it to church with a mustard sweater and mustard shoes. I like kind of mismatchy colors.
  • Juan, in town from Texas, brought me the first six episodes of Friday Night Lights on DVD. Sigh. I watched them all in one night. Cried on Smash's last episode. What they did with that kid in three seasons was beautiful. And my heart belongs to Matt Saracen--it has since the first season. I'm LOVING what they're doing this year. In a rank order of the seasons, it definitely goes 1, 3, 2.
  • Not Your Average Joe's continues to be the greatest place in the world to eat. Excited to go there with the fam in a few short weeks.
  • I'm half tempted to take my Connect Four to Europe. I feel like it's gone on so many trips and been photo-ed in so many places, it might be a fun photo series. Kind of like the jumping photos in the United Kingdom...
Speaking of photo series, now is the time to speak up with ideas on what I should do in Spain, France, Monaco, Italy...

And Happy 608th Blog to me. Is now when I should be getting a life?


stephanielynn said...

I'm jealous of your trip and jealous of your access to FNL3. Have so much fun!

kendall said...

OHMYGOSH I completely forgot about Average Joe's. I can't wait.

You keep blogging and I just might forgive you for ruining Thanksgiving.

Kristan said...

HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!! I'm so jealous you're going. I'll have to relive my trip next week and pretend I'm with you.

And make sure you get your sleep. The time change completely caught me off guard and I was a zombie in Barcelona. Althought I may act like a 13 year old, I am definently not!

Rachel said...

AHHHH I love Spain so much. And Barcelona. I'm so jealous! You have FUN! Y debes hablar espanol para mi.

kendall said...

I'm sorry Natpat. I just figured you have real things to blog about, and don't need a list. I PROMISE to be in Boston on your birthday. Forgive me?

Battlestar Luna said...

I think you are totally right on the FNL season rankings.

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