Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jumping the Pond

Helllllllllllllllllllo friends. I've mustered what little strength is left within me to post the first of many photos and recollections from the great UK Extravaganza. We flew back into town on Friday--but the illness we'd held off the latter half of our trip struck with full force and I've been in bed 95% of the time since arriving home. (My mom told me I've blogged about little besides my health lately; sorry!) My bags are still fully packed and sitting on my floor where I dropped them, but I'm committed to sharing the joy that was our fabulous trip!

Here's a lil preview of the trip in a photo essay entitled: Nat Attack Jumps Across the Pond.

Aren't you kind of amazed at the sweet hops I have?

Stay tuned! Much much much (overwhelmingly much on all fronts) more to come.


Alicia said...

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

I'll be checking every 10 minutes until you post something :)

Sorry to hear that you caught some kind of European bug whilst out and about.

Take care!

Lainey said...

It's not the bird flu, is it? That would be hilarious on many fronts.

I LOVE your sweet hops. And the photo essay.

AND you blogged on a weekend! I don't know which is most exciting!

Hope you feel better.

Mary said...

Nat, a friend of mine who used to live in London said that most Americans she knew always, ALWAYS, would get sick upon arriving in England. Something about them British germs we just aren't used to, I guess. I've been horizontal mostly myself these days. Still waiting for the ears to pop and the cough to die down. Worth every stinking minute. That trip was amazing. Take care, babe.

Carly said...

Yay! So far it looks like it was a fabulous time! I can't wait for more details. Sorry you got sick, that's never fun, take care of yourself and I hope you start feeling better soon! Love the photo essay by the way!

kendall said...

Ahaha! I didn't stop laughing the whole time I read/viewed this. I love your jumping. You make those sticks look like high fashion.

Nat Attack said...

I have to give credit where it's due -- this whole idea was actually Julie's brainchild. I think she may have got tired of taking these photos.

And it's HARDER than it looks! Normal jumping photos are much easier!

I'm hard at work this morning (yay! the bird flu seems to have broke!) but will try to blog a real something in the next lil bit. XOXO to all!

ju said...

gee, thanks. it's nice to remember a time when i had a working brain...right before it was overtaken by the plague. or bird flu. or dysentery. or whatever is living in my insides. ok, goodnight.

Ryan + Erica said...

It really is such an awesome concept for a photo essay. Thanks for the entertainment. Glad you had fun and that you're feeling a little better!

Rachel said...

Hahaha, those pictures are hilarious. You're a trooper!

It looks like you had an amazing trip. Sorry you're sick, but welcome home!

JK said...

That 3rd one looks like the Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland.

Of course, I could be wrong and look like a total idiot here.

onlychild09 said...

I think I should get some of those sticks because then that would be an excuse for my lame jumping ablities.

Kaos Baggins said...

hahahahaha funny photos
Nat jumping all over the world! hahahaha

vanessa said...

haaa! it looks like you superimposed yourself in all those somber places. that's so cute.

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