Friday, February 15, 2008

Lucky Charms

Today is the day.

And it has been a dramatic twenty-four hours. T minus two hours until I leave work and meet up with my girlfriends at the airport. This trip has been a LONG time coming. With all the chaos in my life this last month it kind of snuck up on me!

I have a nasty habit of hating the wardrobe choices I make on vacation. Deciding to break the habit, it took me more than two hours to pack last night as I had to try everything on and piece my outfits together. Hopefully it will all pay off in the end. Many a frantic phone call was exchanged last night regarding wardrobe selection. What kind of bottoms are you taking? What about coats? Boots? Ireland and England are typically rainy places, right? Wrong. Our forecast is for partly cloudy skies and sun the whole week we're there. Mid 40's to low 50's. Perfection...

I finally got to use my backpack my parents got for my 24th birthday. Whoop. And for Europe to boot. Yay. We are trying to carry-on all our luggage; the jury's out on whether or not they'll let me carry it on. They *could*, but considering I'll also be carrying my LeSportsac and the dreaded crutches, I have a feeling I'll be a flashing red light that screams "trying to break every flight rule we have." Then again, I'm crippled; maybe they'll be nice to me.

Side note: going through airports on crutches is quite the ordeal. As if walking a million miles to the Southwest gates isn't enough (I don't really need a wheelchair, though people are pretty good about asking); going through security is a PAIN. I mean, does anyone really think a leg cast is a good place to put a bomb? I have to get the full swab down test when I go through the detectors--hands, boot, pants... I certainly look like a terrorist, and they make me feel like one. End side note.

So today has been a doozy of a day. I'm back in the office (day 2); I thought I should put some face time in before I jump the pond. I've frantically been trying to do all the server-based work I've stored up in the past 4 weeks. I'm waiting on my boss to send me something, so I had my first breather of the day. No time for lunch; instead I had some cashews and a 100-cal Chips Ahoy snack. Can't wait to hit the CVS on the way to the airport for my last real American meal.

So here's the big drama. I'm going overseas without a credit card. Before you get up on my cyberspace, it's not my fault. It's the moron who tried to do fraudulent activity on my account last week, causing the whole thing to get shut down. I really thought it would come in the mail before now. Ky has been home waiting for the mail to come -- as today was the last day for it's arrival to save my life. Sadly, no dice. Ahhhh! When it rains, it pours!

So. I'm going overseas in less than two hours. I'm SO excited. Really, it's finally hit me. Six months of waiting, and I'm practically on my way! So off I go.... Killer outfit on, some questionable 72-hour kit food inclusions, a ream of confirmation print-outs (flight, hotel, car, train, hostel, Wicked tix), three left shoes, two crutches, and no credit card.


ju said...


stephanielynn said...

Have so much fun!

Rachel said...

OOooh! Have fun! Be safe! Good luck! God speed.

Carly said...

I know you're already on your way there, if not there already, but I just had to say, since I didn't really get a chance this last week: Have a Fabulous time!! And I want to see the millions of pictures you take when you come back!!

Breona said...

Even with the boot I'm pretty sure I'd switch you places and go explore. Good luck. Just rent scooters and stuff.

Rachel said...

Have so much fun!! You and your red hair will be missed.

Whits said...

I'm watching AI and I wish you were here! Hope you're living it up!

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