Monday, February 11, 2008

In Haste

  • I'm a bad blogger. I keep promising things and then don't follow through. If you broke your leg, I think you'd understand where my lack of doing anything comes from.
  • Believe it or not, I actually feel bad about not blogging. I know how much I love reading blogs, and am always sad when my favorites aren't updated frequently.
  • This isn't to say that my blog is one of your favorites--it might be one you read just because, or feel obligated to read, or hate reading and can't stop... I cover all three of those categories in my own personal blog reading.
  • Did you know Monday's are statistically the highest read days?
  • I'm back in Boston. Portland is a 13 day memory now. I can't BELIEVE how fast it went.
  • When you're handicapped and going home to rest and recuperate, packing is a breeze. Here's what I took: one pair of jeans, one normal shirt, three t-shirts, three sweats/shorts, two shoes; both lefts.
  • I had to borrow all "normal" clothes from Mallory. This included a sweatshirt, a church shirt, and a normal shirt.
  • While I was in PDX, my parents went to Vegas for three days. Mallory and I enjoyed a fine dining experience while they were away--frozen pizza, Taco Bell, and Costco. And the most divine light mint cookies and cream ice cream (American Idol brand? Strange.) that we ate for lunch and afternoon and evening snacks. There was much sorrow when we finished it off.
  • The Pats lost, Mitt withdrew... last week was kind of a rough week for Boston.
  • On my flight home Saturday, the plane I started on eventually ended up in Manchester, New Hampshire. It stopped twice in Salt Lake (bittersweet to stop but not get off!) and Baltimore... but I never got off the plane. The flight crew and I became good friends.
  • Some old guy was experiencing heart attack like symptoms and of course the screaming toddler sat in front of me. The Salt Lake to Baltimore leg wasn't exactly my favorite. Sadly, it was also the longest portion.
  • The base of my toes (the front part you can see) are bruised. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to have my cast removed... I'm kind of excited to see the canvas of colored bruising going on below the surface.
  • There's a chance I'll get into a soft cast tomorrow. Shoot every good thought my way huh?
  • The Celtics beat the Spurs last night. Without KG. Ohhhhhhhhh I'm so happy. I MUST purchase a Rondo shirt. In fact, I'll consider it a Valetine's Day gift to myself.
  • I made some pretty sweet Valentines while I was home. In traditional fashion, I'll post them on the actual day for your viewing pleasure.
  • If you think your life is a disaster, check this: I have outstanding car insurance issues, health insurance issues, tax issues, work issues, presentation issues, overseas issues, stolen credit card issues, no credit card for an overseas trip, lost Celtics tickets, a whopper of a messy room, can't drive, and have a Mary-Kate leg. Seriously, I think it might snap when the cast comes off.
  • I'm kind of obsessed with the Paramore album "Riot!" right now. It's spunky.
  • I'm still sleeping with the burlap-wrapped cinderblock.
  • Wow, wouldn't that be an awesome nickname to give someone? I've created quite a few classic nicknames in my day (Billy Goat's Gruff, Translucent Brother, the Giver), but that might could take the cake. I'll try to meat someone to bestow the BWCB nickname to.
  • I finally joined the 21st century and am the proud owner of a laptop. Best $400 I ever spent.
  • My taxes are finished and e-filed. Waiting for the money to start raining my way....
  • Did I mention the Celtics beat both the Spurs and the Mavs without KG?
  • I have a tendency to be the relationship-carrier. I realized it doesn't have to be a burden I must be responsible for--maybe I just got tired of one-sided friendships. Just a head's up if you're feeling neglected.
  • It's supposed to be high-40's when we're in Ireland with LIMITED RAIN. It's looking mostly cloudy and even some sunny days! Talk about a miracle...
  • I guess it's like 7 degrees outside in Boston right now. I just wouldn't know. I'm still on my bed, in my jams, working from home.
  • I haven't been into the office in 3+ weeks. I'm hoping to go in on Thursday though... it will be the 4-week anniversary. Crazy!
  • When I was in ortland, I went to Mallory's first rugby game in the freezing pouring rain. Holy crap! Those girls are tough. There was face bleeding and tackling... I know a few of Mal's friends on the team and it just seems so backward; the girls (including Mal) are typically soft-spoken and polite... it's NUTS to see them out there bone crushing strangers.
  • If I had three wishes, I might could be convinced to use one wish on never having to go to the bathroom.
  • Watched the Grammy's last night. I can't help but love love love awards shows. Or the big four (Grammy's, Emmy's, Oscar's, GG's.). They're long and boring, but I love them. I love the fashion mostly... and some of the musical performances last night were awesome. Though I was super annoyed when the Beehived Boozer kept winning awards.
  • These bullets are steadily going downhill. I think it's because I have to go to the bathroom and I'm feeling rushed.
  • Blogger won't let me spell check. You're getting the original version. Lo siento.
  • Sorry to be so long between posts... I'll try to throw up more often.


Linda said...

I like posts like these. I think they're therapeutic to write and I'm thinking probably to read too. It makes me step back and notice the little things. Observe the day...can you tell I'm at work?

kendall said...

RIOT! Ohh paramore is so good. Congrats on the laptop, and I will surely be hoping your issues all work themselves out.

kendall said...

I was annoyed at all of Amy's wins, too. So horrible!

Shauna said...

what are you guys talking about? her alchohol induced gyrating against the microphone stand was pure talent.

Whits said...

Thanks for the long post. It helped me get through my night class. And I read your blog b/c I find it entertaining. (not out of obligation, I assure you) And woop for the celtics. I need to purchase some green as well.

Lainey said...

Posts like these make me SO excited to read. Thanks for making my evening.

onlychild09 said...

HAHAHAHAH! The mary kate leg! I can't wait to see it! I really hope it doesn't snap. I miss you and our delicious ice cream.

Kaos Baggins said...

This post is like a week full of post :D

congratulations for celtics season (after gasol trade I want a final with celtics against LA, but prefer that you beat LA :) )

For days to Ireland! enjoy your travel!!!!!!

Rachel said...

I like you.

Ryan + Erica said...

You're leaving for Ireland SOON! Have so much fun. I'm immensely jealous. You'll have to tell me what you do in London. Love you!

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