Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ta Start

American Idol or not, I'm going to blog tonight. In fact, I'm staying at work late (off the clock mind you) to put forth some good blogging information about the trip. So much of last week's joy has been overshadowed by the bird flu still flitting around in each of us who made the trek. But no longer will I rejoice in sorrow, but will rather share the love. Because the Black Eyed Peas are still looking for it. I know. I heard them on the radio just yesterday.

So, I've plugged the external hard drive laden with photos of the Emerald Isle into my CPU, turned on some rocking Counting Crows, and taken Tron off. For the next 50 minutes I am yours. But then I got a bus to catch; and it's the last Express of the night. So like a true journalist, I now have a deadline. Bring on the sensationalism!

The UK Extravaganza will encompass more than just this post. I'm just warning you now. There's too many photos to lump them all together. And I only have 46 minutes! (No, it didn't take me 4 minutes to write the last two sentances, I've been deciding which photos to upload to Flickr and started uploading to Youtube and etc. etc. etc.... 45 minutes.... quit wasting time Nat.)

So we flew out of Boston Friday night at 7 o'clock on a very nice jet. The hugest jet I've ever flown on, that's for sure. Aer Lingus. Who knew? We started giggling the second the overhead announcer started talking--the accent! So great! We're going overseas! Did you know the flight is only five and a half hours? A shorter flight than flying home to Portland. Back up one second to the airport. No lie, seven tour busses were standing in the security line; at least 400 people (mostly foreign high schoolers); probably a 2+ hour wait. Oh don't worry, I hobbled past the right person and all four of us were escorted to the front of the line. First time Tron and the crutches came in handy. Forward two seconds. We land in Shannon, Ireland. Local time is 6am. Boston time is 1am. Are we tired? No! Did we sleep on the plane? No! We were too busy playing interactive trivia games and watching movies on our personalized screens.

But this blog shall not be a blow by blow of our entire trip! I'm bored already. You're falling asleep at the keyboard. And time is waning thin. Thirty-four minutes left! Let the parade of photos begin!

Our first photo in Limerick as the sun rose on the Shannon, a street we parked on to review the map, the main house at Adare Manor.

I don't think it would be a stretch to say, that all four of us thought our accomodations were the very best part of the trip. Our deal was amazingly cheap, and it was lovely to have our own car and fly on a great airline, but we were blown away by what we were given at the Adare Manor. We had a 2-bedroom townhouse with a full kitchen and living room. Each room had 2-queens and it's own bathroom. We prepared (well, I cleaned up) a Sunday feast in our home and ate local cheese, bread, grapes and apples most night in our own house. It was awesome. The grounds were gorgeous, the manor house was un-REAL, and the customer service of every staff member was unparalled to anywhere I have ever been. (Note: Bold, italics, and ALL-CAPS are not strong or varied enough to convey how fantastic this place was.) I should be writing a blog all about the Adare, and I'm trying, but it honest to blog will never be good enough.

The grounds--the town of Adare is relatively small. Adare Manor, and it's 5-star golf course is definitely the largest tourist draw.

The view over the driving range from our balcony, Esther dwarfed by some local shrubs, Sunday night cards and snacks

But really. Photos just don't do it justice. Photos won't do any of the trip justice. We discovered this early in our trip. Believe it or not, I didn't take nearly as many photos as I usually do, because I recognize the trip just can't be captured. The photos you'll see in this, and future posts are a collective pool of the four cameras on the trip.

Like my writing, you'll notice grammar, spelling errors, and unfunny in my impromptu speaking. Please don't point them out, I'm on edge enough about being a crappy newscaster. And yes, I know my voice gets high and my mouth moves in strange ways. Pressure to perform. It's who I am.

I recognize we made this video and I posted pictures anyway, and will post a million more... but I have to TRY to make you see how amazing it is, don't you see? And I hate to say it, but steel yourself for more videos now... we took some. Me and my lispy-stroke mouth (thanks Mal) will be back.

Oh my gosh! I have to put Tron on and get outta Dodge or I'm a gonna miss the bus. And I already walk a mile to the bus stop both ways on crutches... must leave! But I've started! A start! And if I never start I'll never finish!

My first deadline piece is no good. It's like I'm writing for the Daily Universe all over again... wah wah wah....


Nat Attack said...

Four minutes later:

So it's never cool to be the first to comment your own blog, but just wanted to let you know I BARELY made the bus. Seriously. If you saw someone crutch-running across Copley Square at 6:39 tonight in the rain, no doubt it was me. Because I live for danger. And I'm the only one stupid enough to crutch-run on a broken leg with standing water everywhere.

onlychild09 said...

I loved the video eventhough it kind of sounded like you had a lisp. The place looks beautiful! I can't wait for you to take us back there.

Whits said...

synonyms both


ju said...

I miss Burt.

JK said...

Limerick? Weren't you scared? They call it "Stab City" don't ya know.

Nat Attack said...

JK--funny you say that. One of the girls on our trip (that very first morning) commented on the crime rate in Limerick that she'd read about. We laughed then, but it's probably a good thing none of us got stabbed. On various levels.

Tom & Mary Babb Family said...

I'm SO jealous! I love love love all the greenery. Can't wait to see more!

JK said...

We spent our last night in Limerick. Our driver was building up the crime angle all the way there. It really wasn't bad at all. But we had a lot of fun sneaking up on each other and shanking the unexpecting loved one in the back with a pen as we walked around the city.

Laura said...

I think you should know that one of the highlights of my day is this blog. It is unmatched in its wittiness, genuinity (is that a word?), and consistent hilarity. Bravo and bravo. I'll be a subscriber for life.

MishMyBelle said...

Nat, what an amazing trip! I can't believe how beautiful it is there. I want more pictures!

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