Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Time to Give Back

I'm only kind of tired of not blogging. Are you tired of me not blogging? Are you casting a beam or striking a mote? Casting a stone or pillaring in salt? But that's neither here nor there and my biblical allusions are only sub-par.

I don't have anything of substance to write. Instead, I'm going to let you give back and entertain me. In 33 words or less, write me a paragraph, sentence, phrase, or story, that uses the words license, unfortunately, responsibility, and consciously. (If you remember, these are the words I can't spell.)

Once all entries are in, a vote will be conducted on this very blog. A fantastic prize will be mailed or delivered to the winner. Prize will vary based on the winner--but I do pay up. (Ask Stephanie, I mailed the $5 from my last interactive contest.) I may even come up with awards or prizes for any who play. Good thing I make the rules.

*You have until close of day Thursday.
**If you're feeling pressure to perform--just remember; I feel this every time I blog.


Jody said...

Ohhhhh, I’m all over this one. This is a true story of something that happened to me today:

Being late for work, I consciously parked in a handicap space. Unfortunately, I got a ticket. I won’t lose my license, but I have to pay $130. It’s my fault; I’ll take responsibility. :(

33 words or less? Aw yeah! It was a serious bummer though. I work at a gym. Why does a small community gym need 8 handicap parking stalls anyway? All the decrepit old farts have triathlon training or something? No, I'm not bitter...

Deming Brat said...

the day peggy got her license back was the same day she (un)consciously forgot all responsibility of her belongings and unfortunately her license was stollen out from under her very nose. pathetic peggy.

Kaos Baggins said...

I feel the same responsibility when imagine my fear tales,
and I have license to write consciously every kind of storys.
Unfortunately, I don't have ideas for a tale in only 33 words


ju said...

Dear Nat,

Unfortunately the weight of responsibility to perform with every blog is the curse of good writers. Poetic license-their skill, and entertaining us-a burden they must consciously bear.



Breona said...

This 'should be' licensed blog writer, unfortunately is one I am yet to meet. Although, I am consciously aware that she feels a great responsibility for entertaining her readers.

There you have it. My contribution for a sweet prize? Catch ya later.

Lainey said...

I give you license to shirk your responsibility of blogging. Unfortunately, I miss your everyday thoughts, even the consciously mundane ones.

Don't feel pressure! Give us more junky, one-liners, brain dumps, etc. I miss you.

But enjoy your vacation; that's what I've chalked up your non-blogging to.

Cabra Forte said...

I'd like to play, but I just played catch-up on your blog, and don't want to limit myself to 33 words.

1.) I can't believe you hurt yourself so bad. Aren't you somewhat surprisingly invincible? You never get hurt. (I'm really sorry to hear about that)

2.) I didn't realize you had a gmail account. If you spend time at work chatting on there--I also do the same. I'd like to be able to talk with you on there sometime.

3.) It was really nice to see you guys over Christmas. Hopefully it won't be so long in between this next time.

Oh, and just so I fit in: license, unfortunately, responsibility, and consciously.

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