Monday, January 07, 2008


Dressing for success: I'm a jeans girl. I live and breathe denim. I breathe trouser-cut, boot-cut, slim fit, dressy, casual... they each have their time and place. My office has no formal dress-code, but the majority of employees dress business casual. Any given day however, 30 percent of employees are wearing jeans. Though it seems I could wear jeans every day and it not be too much of an issue, I try to wear non-denim dress pants twice a week. Last week, in the dim light of dawn, I threw on a pair of camel-colored corduroy trousers. You might have thought my first mistake was wearing camel-colored anything. Half a point. Full points to anyone who has also experienced the most self-esteem effecting textile in history. Every ear on my floor could hear me coming.

The Writer's Strike: I'm beginning to make irrational decision with my DVR. Now that the everlasting strike has halted production on all but a smattering of my favorite shows (bless FNL for having five, count 'em five, episodes left), I'm making hasty and questionable recording decisions. Do you hear me four episodes of Saved by the Bell? True Hollywood Story : Mean Girls? America's Next Top Model has been on MTV nonstop for six days now. I maybe recorded all of Cycle 2 and just finished watching. Drat that Eva. Before you know it I'll be recording reruns of Family Matters and Antique Roadshow.

Eating healthy: How trashy is it to love a Lean Pocket? It's not very classy, that's for sure. In an effort to detox post-holidays, I've been sustaining myself with fresh produce and frozen entrees. God bless Lean Cusines--heaven knows I'd never cook something so "elaborate" for myself. The frozen meal extravaganza has confirmed that I'll eat anything cheesy with marinara sauce.

To-Do Lists: After avoiding all adult responsibilities for the last few months, I've compiled my most daunting To Do ASAP list in history. Some items are easy 10-minuters. Some are exceptionally complicated. Some are costly. (Sounds like I'm describing relationships, huh?) Unfortunately, all are well past due and need immediate attention. Here's the short list: get a passport, buy a bus pass, decide on car insurance, meet with the agent in person, get the sign of approval, go to DMV and get car registered in Mass, get a Mass. license, call insurance and figure out vision insurance, schedule/attend eye appointment, order contacts, pay December bills, budget January bills, get front axle in car fixed, get cash, and kick the stuffy, congested face I picked up this morning. Phew. Being an adult is awesome.

Contract Work: My division was sold in early December to another company. The Feds are going to investigate the legalities for 4-6 months and then chances are exceptionally high I'm going to lose my job. I'm not super stressed because I don't love the highly technical aspect of what I'm doing--I'd like to get back to my project management roots; that's where I excel. My big idea is to have enough money saved that as soon as the axe falls I'm ready to take a trip. Overseas. Not sure where, but I'm planning to do something last minute and take advantage of the time I'll have. I'm hoping someone wants to quit their job and run away for a short time. Any takers?

White noise: This summer I owned an AC unit. Believing it was too heavy to move 20-feet, I left it on the sunporch instead of ever installing it. I sweltered through the heat of a Northeastern summer with a $9 box fan from Target. Somewhere along the way the fan stopped actually blowing air. It still makes a heck of a lot of noise though, that's for sure. It became habit to turn the fan on (I'm pretty sure it didn't work for months and I didn't notice), and I still do to this day. I've found that I like the noise--it's comforting and drowns out the radiator. (Side note: very few things make me as irrationally angry as the pops and hissing of my radiator. I get SO mad; it kind of cracks me up.) I love my white noise maker.

Being clever: I had a really interesting discussion yesterday with someone I adore. We were talking about the power of words, and the impact they have. It seems there's a huge desire to be clever these days--but clever so often crosses into mean. For a lot of people, being clever comes at the cost of kindness. It might be funny, but it doesn't mean it's nice. It was a good reminder for me. I apologize to any or all if I've overstepped the line at anytime.

Words I can't spell: license, unfortunately, responsibility, consciously


Nat Attack said...

Dear friends,

I'm happy to report that I checked the passport, bus pass and getting cash off the list.

And I was 0% clever while doing so.

ju said...

i actually cried this morning while i was trying to find a doctor to go to. partly from pain, partly from the pain of being an adult. i don't know how you're managing that list of yours. good work. ireland ho!

Breona said...

hey there, welcome back. It looks like you had a great time. Everyone has to love a lean easy microwavable meal at some point. There's your fuel for accomplishing your list of To Dos. Good luck.

Jan said...

I love Antique Roadshow!

Jan said...

Hey! I love my new picture! Who did it for me?
Major kudos to you the wordsmith and humorist. Far too often we laugh at others and mistake it for humor. It demeans and humiliates others to say nothing of what it does to our spirits.
A wise man once said: "Man wrapped up in self make small package" (was it Dad?)

Lainey said...

I think it was Confucious.

You and Adrie could share white noise... though I've come to love it too, actually.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was G Wms in a college paper written at Oregon State in the early '50s. Throughout his life he would throw out "Confucious" quotes that were really tidbits he had learned throughout his life. I first heard this the day he also said "Don't marry a project." krw

Nat Attack said...

What what! I finally got my first Dad comment... a barrier has been broken.

I hope there's a list of Gpa quotes somewhere. Maybe we should start compiling one.

Rachel said...

Wow, a KENT comment! That's a rare treasure.

You are a real adult. That to-do list sounds daunting!

That is very true about being clever. We've all done it--tried too hard to be funny and then just had it come out as being mean. You've never ever overstepped MY line though. You're just plain funny!

Laura said...

My line either, hon. You are clever but never mean. That gets major points where points count. :) LOVE you.

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