Monday, January 14, 2008

Resolution Uno

I’ve been kind of a bad blogger lately. And by lately I mean Q4. My front page still has posts from October visible. October! Gone are the 5-posts a week; replaced by one or two recap posts. Snore bore. I’ve let you down, I’ve let me down, and most importantly I’ve let Big Brother down. Seriously, how will the government know what I’m plotting if I don’t keep my cyberspace self up to date? BLACKBRIAR!

So I’m behind on my blogging. I vow to be better. The winter months are where blogging formats have to get creative—nothing is happening socially, so there’ll be less recapping and more random wanderings of a somewhat disjointed mind. Huh. Maybe I should rename my blog. “Random Wanderings of a Somewhat Disjointed Mind.” It’s not very catchy, is it? In all actuality, if I were the kind to rename my blog (which I kind of wish I could be, but I need some consistency in my life), I’d rename to “Honest to Blog.” (One of the few times I laughed out loud at Juno. Don’t hate me for not loving that movie.) But no renaming here.

I haven’t done a year end post yet. I want to, and I will. I posted before that 2007 was my best year yet, I want the recap for my own sake if no one else’s. I’ll get on that soon. Lucky for me, my year anniversary of living in Boston is rapidly approaching, so I’ll do that recap in place of an actual 2007 (or a hybrid of the two, who knows? The world is an oyster and it’s at my feet).

As predicted, the BIG ONE HIT. Okay, not really that big, but another Nor’easter passed through Boston last night. We had 60 degree weather last week (no joke! it was warmer on the 4th of January than on the 4th of July) and it’s ended now with a merry dusting of six inches of snow. (Speaking of merry, I think it’s time for us to take down our Christmas decorations.) Schools all over the state were preemptively closed, including my boss’ day care. He’s working from home means I’m working from home. What what. I’m still in my pajamas at 2:35 in the pm. I need a telecommuting job, I’m telling you what.

Saturday night I discovered the “Free Movies” section of On Demand. I enjoyed a “Sleepless in Seattle” viewing. It made me remember the days when Meg Ryan was more cute than cynical, and Tom Hanks was still just an ordinary guy. Oh wait, he still is.

Last week I made it official. I’m now a Massachusetts resident—and my car now has boring mass plates. (Get it? Get it?) Getting to the DMV was kind of high drama. All my car “rules” expired at the same time—so coming back from the holiday meant I was driving with expired registration, expired insurance, illegal state license, and illegal state plates (UT) don’t match the license state (AZ) that don’t match the state the vehicle is operated in (MA). If pulled over, I was looking at $1000+ in tickets. I know, I check. Did I mention it was high drama?

I guess that’s it for now. I could keep wracking my brain for things to write about, but what on earth would I write about tomorrow?


Rachel said...

I get it! I'm so proud that you're an official Mass resident. that Alias? What in the world is that from?? I know it but I can't think of it!

onlychild09 said...

Blackbriar, rach I cannot believe you don't know! It's from the Bourne Ultimatum.

I am so glad you are back!

kendall said...

Oh my dear, I can't imagine driving with a price on your head. Talk about stress.

Lainey said...

Whew good thing you didn't get pulled over. I spent three months in my newlywed years arguing with the DMV's of AZ and UT in a big mixup. You are one lucky gal.

I, too, am vowing to write more random nonsense wandering blogs. They're fun to read.

Nat Attack said...

Thanks to every one who pointed out my grammatical errors. Two! That's what I get for using a laptop. I kind of hate them.

Now I can't remember the word whose definition is: same sound, different spelling. For example,

whether: weather
right: write

Help me out?

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