Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Making Philo T Proud

For those of you who don't know, I'm in Portland. Oregon. Not Maine. (It wouldn't be so confusing, but since Maine is so close to Massachusetts, people in Boston often times get confused. They should then remember that not that many people are from Maine, it's a good chance I'm not either. But I digress.) I've been here almost 48-hours resting and letting my leg bone stitch back together. Today is day 2 of 9.

I've had a super grand time lounging around; working 3-4 hours a day, napping, reading, watching movies, chit-chatting with my parents and Mallory. It's been the ideal situation. The word "perfect" would come to mind, but the writer's strike and lack of quality evening television programming is throwing a damper on the situation (though the writer's strike would be occurring at my Boston abode as well, so that's not really Portland's fault now, is it? Struck from the record.).

The ease with which I transition so easily into the Writer's Strike discussion is the source material for which the blog originates. I love TV. If you know me, you know that. Some relationships I have with people were forged early and easily by watching the same shows. (They have escalated into larger-scale friendships now, whoop.) I'm kind of a TV guru; I enjoy being in the know. Other people have their music (heck, most everyone has music besides me), but TV/Movie industry is my love and passion.

My mom knows this about me. Today, she timidly asked if she could pose an honest question; not judging me by my answer, but just out of curiosity. I complied, and she asked, "Do most people your age watch as much TV as you do?"

I thought honestly, and answered honestly. "Not really," I said, "I'm on the higher end. But it's surprising how much discussion of TV happens."

Not five minutes later, (I'd been online and chatting with friends in New York, Boston, and Dallas) the following conversations occur simultaneously.

I may watch a lot of TV--but you'd better believe it gives me something to talk about.


kendall said...

Yes, I watch as much TV. Only, it happens to be on the internet.

Whits said...

That is so hilarious. I'm dying.

Lainey said...

I just like to think about how much tv I'll have to catch up on someday when I get reeeeeally bored. Like in my nursing home.

Nat Attack said...

Ken, internet TV counts as TV.
Whit, I'm sorry I outted you.
ALaina, at least you're not at 0%; you're just on the lower end... who else would fill me in on Ugly Betty?

Shauna said...

its safe to say that i may be equal with you on the tv, and it seems like its all the same shows.

I also dont watch Lost, havent since season 1 and im pretty sure its the only show i dont watch.

How bout that biggest loser last night? When Paul mouthed "i love you" to Kelly, tears streaming down my face. Cant wait for them to remarry eachother when they healthy.

vanessa said...

it might be obvious, but how do you put your g-chat windows on your blog? magic?

Tom & Mary Babb Family said...

You don't watch Lost?! That's CRAZY talk! Lost is THE BEST series there is. Besides The Sopranos.

JK said...

I have to agree. Lost and 24 are the only shows I find worth watching.

Rachel said...

Haha, that's so funny!

You should watch LOST! Its my favorite. And apparently some other peoples' fav too.

Haha, Alaina and her ugly betty. We all have to have our show, right? But then you just cover them all for us!

onlychild09 said...

Lost sounds too confusing and weird. I think I will save that one for my first baby.

Lainey said...

Hahaha I'm glad I've got someone else on the "use-tv-on-dvd-to-get-over-baby" bandwagon.

Last night after dinner our waiter came and sat down at the table to talk tv with us for fifteen minutes. I kid you not. He overheard us talking about tv and came to commiserate how awful shows are, and reminisce about good ones. I kept thinking of this blog and giggling.

Ryan + Erica said...

Mal's comment cracks me up. I love that she's got that planned out! Good idea, though, I'll have to keep that in mind in about 6 months... :)

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