Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Confession no. 44

Tonight, I'm alternating channels between the Florida primary results and Hannah Montana.

I kind of like that Miley Cyrus.


the Canadian said...

i conquer and i attest that the only reason i have ventured into the miley cyrus world is during babysitting sessions... which reminds me, i have one coming up on thurs... i hope i can enjoy a show or two. ps, i think miley reminds me of miss laura p. thoughts?

Nat Attack said...

It was my first time ever watching HM. I had to know what all the rage was about. It was obviously super cheesy, but I DID enjoy it. She's just so cute!

Shauna said...

i saw her on oprah and she was adorable. So i did what i think anyone would do after seeing that show. Download one of her hit songs on itunes, and DVR hannah montana. She is so stinkin cute.

my sister had a piano student today who told us that her little brother was caught kissing mileys face on the tv screen. He was wrestling her as she told us this story shouting "dont believe anything she says!"

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