Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who's in your fave 5?

In the comments of my last blog, Kendall said she'd forgive me for ruining Thanksgiving if I kept blogging. That was two days ago, so I hope she'll forgive me. I also hope my "ruining Thanksgiving" is linked to my taking my sister and G-parents abroad for the holiday and not for simply being alive. Guess we'll never know!

In her honor, my Top 5:

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Wondering if our Sophomore English teacher moved furniture on the weekends (holy calves Mrs. George!)
2. Playing Retirement Home Christmas parties with that hit swing band The Hubcats
3. Three weeks from sixteen
4. Having my friends monopolized by my [older] sister
5. Wearing short hair and ill-fitting jeans

Five things on my to do list today:
1. Make poster for Celtics v. Pistons game during work
2. Eat with coworkers before Celtics v. Pistons game
3. Go to the Garden for the Celtics v. Pistons game
4. Clap my heart out at the Celtics v. Pistons game
5. Arrive home without getting murdered after the Celtics v. Pistons game

Five of my favorite snacks:
1. Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke [insert cherry], Diet Pepsi
2. Skittles, Hot Tamales, Good ‘n Plenties
3. Popcorn from our home popper
4. A good chocolate chip cookie or anything with cream cheese frosting
5. Chips and Salsa

Five jobs I have had:
1. Front desk reception at an obstetrician/gynecology office
2. Arts & Crafts counselor at a rich girl camp in Maine
3. Receptionist at the University Advisement Center/Academic Advisement Office @ BYU
4. Management Intern at Target
5. Professional Plate Spinner / Finesser of the Internet

Five things I would do with a million dollars:
1. Invest in dollar store stock. Seriously; 40 percent return last year
2. Buy a townhouse in Boston
3. Buy a househouse in Utah
4. Visit Utah more frequently
5. Buy floor seats for the NBA All-Star Game in Phoenix this year and take my cousin Corey

Five things that made me laugh this week:
1. Some bold behavior on my part
2. The look on my boss’ cat’s face while he’s [the cat] dressed like a scarecrow
3. All of my sisters’ blogs
4. My mom complaining that losing weight is making her too cold
5. An email strand between two old friends from the past and one really embarrassing story


Jody said...

Don't you mean having your friends monopolized by your older sister "and her best friend"? ;)

Ahhhhh, memories.

Erica said...

I'm pretty sure that was more than five snacks. :) And that's hilarious what your mom said.

Mallory Jan said...

Sick. Since when does anyone enjoy Good n' Plenties?

Alaina said...

Ditto Mallory.

Ditto Jody.

Ditto Erica.

I'm so unoriginal.

Thanksgiving didn't get ruined for meeeeee! Though I'm REALLY hoping they serve some turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes on that boat of ours because I'm not thinking we'll find any on the streets of Sicily that day.

Cabra Forte said...

I love Good n' Plenties. They are the only candy worth eating, in my humble opinion.

Nat Attack said...

Ha! You friends and family of mine are cracking me right up. All of you knew me well 10 years ago. How strange! But I love it.

And I think the plural of Good and Plenties is ACTUALLY "Good and PLenty." I made an actual decision to forgo the branded plural.

Can you tell it's late? I'm spending my time talking about pluralities. 11:56 PM and at the office. BUT GOING TO EUROPE TOMORROW!!!!! !! !

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