Sunday, November 01, 2009

trick her treat

Are you annoyed with photo posts yet? I can't help it. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Presently, I'm laying comatose in my bed. As previously mentioned, I hosted a group of 11 for a church Education Conference this weekend. Pre, during, and post work were more than I cut out for -- but I thrive on stressful challenges. More to come on this weekend, but I wanted to give you a lil sneak peek to wet your whistle. (Also Ryan, one of my houseguests, informed me November is National Blog Posting month. A blog post every day this month? No promises, but we'll see.)

This photo is my new header image, but for posterity's sake (should I ever happen upon some), I'll toss it into this post. Gorgeous huh? A Friday morning spent at the Old North Bridge at the tail end of Fall.

NatA! at the Old North Bridge

And also. Here's what's left of my Halloween costume after the Masquerade Ball hit me with its best shot and melted my face.
Lemme get back on my feet and I'll shoot some more goodies your way. Hope your Halloween was more treats than tricks!


moe said...

You might have to post twice per day if you want to win the dare I made, right? =)

Nat Attack said...

NO kidding, right? It's not looking so good here...

Jan said...

wow, I'm excited to see MORE PICTURES...miss you already.

Mary B said...

Holy Fancy Face! How'd you get those beads on there?! The bridge picture is absolutely breath-taking. I'm jealous.

Ryan said...

Whoo! I'm glad you're going to at least try to post every day!

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