Thursday, November 19, 2009

starting a bucket list

Of late, I've been part of several conversations about bucket lists. I struggle to contribute because I don't have a detailed list of what I want to do or learn--in fact, I generally steal from other people's lists. (I can thank Katie for my Argentinian Thanksgiving adventure!)

Sometimes I think bucket lists are cliché because they either include cheesy duhs (Tell someone you love them. At the beach.) or are unatainably ridiculous (kill an elephant and mount the tusks in the living room!). I'm also judgy, so don't listen to me.

However cold and dark my heart however, inspiration must have struck because I'm ready to present my first two totally attainable bucket list items:

1. Sit courtside at an NBA game.
2. Cook a (good) turkey

So there you have it. If you, or someone you know can help me achieve these goals, that'd be helpful.

What's the most absurd item on your bucket list? What else should be on MY bucket list?


moe said...

Brine the turkey first. It makes an incredible difference.

Nat Attack said...

Does it help or hurt that I don't even know what that means?

Maybe next year. :)

graham cracka said...

Currently my only bucket list item is to ride in a hot air balloon in the early morning. I think it would be magical. I haven't graduated to items that require skills, like cooking. Maybe someday...

Sylvia said...

We brined a turkey a couple of years ago. Basically, you put it in a bucket (hey, a bucket!) of VERY salty water and leave it there for 12 - 24 hours. Makes the turkey soooooooooo juicy... :-D

Breona said...

run a marathon baby.! that's on mine. CAPS ok i have them. so ya. good luck. I have yams this year.

ju said...

please correct the following:

1. Sit courtside at an NBA game

should read:

1. Sit courside WITH JULIE at an NBA game

makes for a better list I think.

k8 said...

i think we can totally make that courtside thing happen. i'ma work on it.

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