Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trips are hard work

The short news is, I'm home. The long news is that I've spent more time sleeping and clearing off the recorded goodies on my DVR rather than deal with the unpacking, the laundry, and the general back to real life-ness required after a week out of the country. Had I not left my apartment keys in Argentina I may have had a bit more spare time today to deal with real life... but who'm I kidding? I'd probably still be sleeping and watching TV rather than laundry.

My photos have been uploaded however and they're ready to roll. I'm ready to start telling you about the trip and all it's wonderful splendorness--there's so much to tell and so many legs of the journey to cover I'm not quite sure how I'll organize, but I will tell you that there'll be a NatAttack first tomorrow--A GIVEAWAY. So stay tuned on Monday for your chance to win something ridiculous from abroad.

Another special thanks to all the guest bloggers--didn't they do a great job? I had a blast checking in to see what was going on in these parts while I was away. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Jamar, Stephanie, Juan, Whitney, Kendall, Mallory, and Mary. Make sure to add them to your reader lists, they all write a good blog.

Also, is November over yet? This blogging every day thing is taxing.

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moe said...

I'm excited to hear about all about it--my husband is planning a trip there with his brothers so I'm interested to know where you went.

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