Friday, November 27, 2009

Man Bags

I am a fan of convenience and practicality. Girls are allowed to carry purses but why is it so taboo is a man wants to carry a bag? Dear men of the world, I LOVE your bags. I love them so much that the last three months of college I've secretly pulled out my phone and taken a picture of your beautiful declarations of manhood every time I see you. I don't know what it is about BYU but there seems to be no shortage of attractive male characters carrying around bags of all
shapes and sizes. (Unfortunately I seem to have traveled home to Oregon without my miniSD card reader so I don't have my actual pictures but hopefully Nat will let me post them in the near future.)

Let me give you a little history of the origin of the man bag. It all started with Indiana Jones; the rugged professor that moonlighted as an adventurer and heart throb who carried around a bag. Of course it's possible I am a little bit biased seeing as I am in love with Harrison Ford, but it doesn't make a difference anyway. Indiana noticed the convenience in not having to carry everything around in either his hands or pockets. His adventure time was greatly improved by his ability to store his valuables in the bag strung sidesaddle around his hips and at times this nifty feature saved his life. Time does not stand still for a man while he stores his valuables deep in his pockets.

Man bags can tell a girl a lot about the man carrying it. Perhaps it is a laptop bag with a padded strap. This tells us the man can't go anywhere without his technology fix. If it's soft leather with many buckles on the front it's probably safe to infer that that man has nothing to hide and is just a confidant man with a bag. Then there is the briefcase** on a strap which reads "strictly business". All styles are different and all styles can be acceptable.

Friends, I urge you to open your eyes and see the beauty of a man with a bag. They come in all styles and shapes, from leather to cloth and even canvas. All sorts of embellishments can be seen but it is up to the man to carry the bag. Carry the bag, don't let the bag carry you. If you are a man, tote that bag around with pride! America is the land of opportunity and all should have the opportunity for the greatest convenience. Oh and I think it's pretty safe to say most women greatly love a man with his bag. At least I know I do.

Love the bag, love the man.

Next trend: Fanny-packs for women. Think about how great it is to not have to hold on to your purse. I've already got one and it's leather. That's class if I ever saw it.

**They can call it a briefcase but as long as it's got a strap, it's a man bag.


Nat Attack said...

This is a post I shall reference for quite some time to come. I laughed reading it to myself and laughed as I read it outloud to Colleen while we were down South.

And I thought long and hard about a fanny pack I saw in BA (before I even read this post!). Now I wish I'd bought it.

Jan said...

I new word I added to my vocabulary and looking for ways to use it(and say it) bag.

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