Friday, November 13, 2009

To Serve and Protect

This week, we celebrated a holiday. (Some of you were lucky enough to have the day off. Some of us may or may not have been a) envious and b) had to walk to the work because the bus wasn't running. Again. The City of Boston sure does like taking holidays.) Happy belated Veteran's Day everyone.

I've blogged before about my the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces, so I won't repeat posts, except to say Thank You again. I was at the Celtics game on Wednesday night and the Garden did a lovely job of honoring both past and present soldiers. As mentioned in my previous post, "Despite the debate (about the war)--the rallying of the right and the lobbying of the left, I believe Americans are united on perhaps only one front; and that's respect and gratitude for our American troops." Public displays of appreciation for the troops always make me tear up.

This week Mel wrote about her Grandpa, who was honored this week at the University of Utah for his service in World War II. What a brilliant idea! I'ma copy her post idea and show off my two handsome grandfathers.

Both my Grandpa Wood and Grandpa Williams are veterans. My Gpa Wood was in the Navy and my Gpa Wms. a paratrooper(!) and both served in the Korean War era. I know slim to nothing about their time in the armed services, but wish I knew more. (Gpa--you'd better be ready to talk Navy blues!)
Aren't they handsome? And isn't it fascinating that in just two generations serving in the military is the exception instead of the rule? Will it ever reverse back?

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