Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Un buen viaje!

Hola mis amigos!

A quick interruption from your scheduled guest bloggers (aren´t they doing a GREAT job!?) for a jaunty hola from Argentina. People. This place is muy fantastico! Perhaps my favorite place so far. But that could have more to do with the warm (at times hot, HELLO sunburn) weather, the cheap wares, and the food. I promptly bought two pairs of antique boots at the market and have been drinking Coke Light like it´s cheaper than water (as it is). Last night we had steaks as big as my face, and as they were as flavorful and tender as everyone says they are.

Perhaps my favorite thing so far has been our $4 spend to see Luna Neueva at the Cinemark theater just a few blocks from our house. FOUR DOLLARS folks. This will deserve a post all in itself (when photos can be included) but definitely a fun evening.

The place we´ve rented is AMAZING. JUST AMAZING. The perfect location, the perfect price, the perfect place to spread out. THERE´S SO MUCH TO SAY AND TALK ABOUT!

Okay, I´ll end now, but you´ll be happy to know my Spanish has picked right back up, and I´m basically a pro now. I can order food, ask for directions, answer questions about myself and generally navigate life. (Having Colleen as another Spanish speaker just above my level has made us UNSTOPPABLE.)

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to everyone. Hope you´re happy and well and enjoying the Northern Hemisphere.


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