Sunday, November 15, 2009

rinse and repeat: embarrassment for sport

Once upon a time, in a time long long ago 2.5 years, I posted my first video blog after nine shots of novocaine to the mouth. I think this one is worth reliving:

I think my favorite part is at 18 seconds where I have to breathe in through my mouth to slurp up the uncontrollable drool about to pour forth from my mouth. Curious about the Bob Bob Blog?

And how about that red, eh? Who remembers 2006 and 2007? Ohhhh a Boston I hardly even remember.

Also, guess who's having cavities filled again soon?

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Alaina said...

I actually searched out this video last week just to watch is again, I find it so hilarious. Thanks for sharing again - and allowing your embarassing moments to entertain us all. Love it.

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