Monday, November 23, 2009

Ready. Set. Cook, Eat and Repeat.

Pretend this a Sunday post, for NatAttack's sake...

Quick Intro: Hello, my name is Jam (or Jamar) and I coming to you straight from Gossip Girl Land (NYC). NatAttack and I have been friendshipping it up going on 7 years now. So here is my entry.

So, I work for a culinary magazine and guess what? Ta daaaaa, I love food. Big deal, everyone loves food, right? Of course, but some are more industrious than others. I feel like everyone who comes into my office to interview for a position always exclaim they have a "passion" for food. I guess for me that word is more played out than S.Palin's Oprah interview, but alas, there really is no other word to describe it. So naturally, my favorite holiday is one that involves massive amounts of food to be prepared under my tutelage. Thanksgiving. Ahh the days when I would awake to the smells of freshly baked yeasty rolls and the aromatic scent of turkey and ham, as they move in concert one with another. My mom and grandmothers are amazing cooks and I believe they have channeled their "passion" for an excellent gastronomic event into my ideas of a classic Thanksgiving feast. So, my friend Carol and I have decided to join forces this year and cook for the masses, or about 10 of our friends that are still in New York. She has the turkey, I have the ham. She's got the potatoes and cranberries and I've got the brussels and rolls covered. And the list goes on until we have more than enough to feed our waistlines. Now it's quite ironic, but the dinner itself isn't what brings me joy. I revel in the preparation of pie crusts, seasoning vegetables, and finding that perfect glaze to accompany the community ham. However, I also look forward to 3.5 hours after the initial dinner when everyone has awakened from their glutton-filled slumber for round 2. Nothing is more sexy and appetizing than to know that a full spread of goodies is waiting for you to stuff into 3-5 rolls.
As for my daily eating choices, I am definitely not a food snob. I would consider myself what you would call an "Equal Opportunity Eater". I have no biases against food as long as it tastes good going down. You can see me hobnobbing with my co-workers at a restaurant tasting, or you can see me with NatAttack at the BK throwing down burgers as I refill her cup with equal parts diet and regular Coke (it's an instant key to her heart.) Well readers, I believe I have fulfilled my obligations to the blog. Now excuse me as I figure out what to eat for lunch.


Alaina said...

I like the idea that the true joy is in the preparation. I'd add that this applies to the social part of it, too.

Breona said...

This is actually very interesting and exciting to see who will be writing next. Nice job at fulfilling your blog duty. Your post made my hungry.
Good luck with your preparations!

Nat Attack said...

Jam--not sure how you`ve never cooked for me, but i`m thinking we need to make that happen... SOON. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this! I wish I was breaking bread at your dinner table. We need more Martha Stewart Men in the home.

Emma Ryan said...

Please be single, please be single.

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